Newsletter October 2019


October Newsletter 2019

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to Term 4. We hope everyone had a great break ready for the new term.

Congratulations to all the students who have received a Term 3 Principal Commendation Letter. One child per class is selected twice a year for a Commendation Letter which is sent to their parents. Students are acknowledged and commended for demonstrating the Positive Behaviour for Learning values of Safety, Respect and Learning. A full list of the recipients is included in the newsletter. Well done students!

Staff will complete their additional 6 hours of Professional Learning this term. This additional Professional Learning is in lieu of the second Staff Professional Development Day at the end of Term4. Notification and approval by the Director for the change was previously published in Term 2.

Staffing Updates

As notified Mr Trent Bridgland, principal of Taren Point, has been appointed by merit selection as the Principal of Cronulla Public School. Mr Bridgland is very excited to be joining Cronulla at the beginning of 2020 and will be visiting the school on several occasions during Term 4 in preparation for next year.

Notification has been given that we have begun the merit selection process for another Assistant Principal for Cronulla Public School. This will be the 4th Assistant Principal for the school. The position will begin Term 1 2020.

School Uniform Updates

All students should have now transitioned to Summer School Uniforms. Please note that summer school uniform is worn for the School Photos.

As part of the Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) principles, attention to wearing the correct uniform is expected. This includes the white ankle socks for girls and full black shoes. All students require a school hat for sun protection. Please ensure all items are labelled clearly.

Have Your Say on Before and After School Care

The NSW Government is committed to providing before and after school care to all students of public primary schools in New South Wales. As part of the reform, a parent web form has been established by Service NSW that will enable parents to tell the department about their specific care needs and to stay up to date with any new developments.

The information provided by parents will help the Department of Education to understand your needs, give them insights into where there are gaps in service delivery and help to ensure the extra places are delivered where they are required.

Have you say today at


2020 Class Planning

As planning for 2020 is already underway, it is very important to ensure you have notified the office of any siblings that will enrol next year or if you are moving. Your prompt attention to this information is appreciated.

School Photos- Tuesday 29th October (week 3)

School photos will be taken on Tuesday 29th October.

Parents have the option to pay online through the Don Wood Photography website or send the envelope to school with the cash enclosed.

On the Package Information Sheet there is an Access Code: 168217, which you use to pay online or access team/group photos. 

Family photos can be requested online prior to photo day or an envelope can be collected from the office. Any special groups/team photos can also be ordered online once the photos have been taken.

Prices for packages start from $34 to $40. Family and team/group photos are available for $15.

Further details are included at the end of the newsletter.

Tell Them From Me Parent Survey

This Term, our school will be participating in the Partners in Learning parent survey, another part of the Tell Them From Me suite of surveys (student, teacher and parent surveys) on student engagement. The survey asks parents and carers questions about different factors that are known to impact on student wellbeing and engagement.

Running this survey will help our school understand parents’ and carers’ perspectives on their child’s experience at school. These include: communication between parents/carers and staff, activities and practices at home and parent/carer views on the school’s support of learning and behaviour. This valuable feedback will help our school make practical improvements.

The survey is conducted entirely online on smartphones, ipads, tablets, laptops or computers. The survey will typically take 15 minutes or less to complete and is completely confidential. The parent survey will be conducted between 27 August and 26 October. Although participating in the survey is entirely voluntary, your responses are very much appreciated.

More information about the survey is available at:

To access the survey for our school go to:

Your support with completing the survey is appreciated.

School Upgrades

The upgrades to the front of the school are now complete.

The car park is for staff, deliveries and assisted transport use only.

Please note that this is not a drive through access point. The area is strictly out of bounds for pedestrian access.


There is a new pedestrian only entrance for parents and children to use.

Installation of the new climbing frame was completed during the holidays. The P&C will now decide on the next playground upgrade with the funds raised by parents.





Selective High School 2021 entry procedures

Selective high schools cater for high achieving academically gifted students who may otherwise be without sufficient classmates at their own academic and social level. These schools help gifted and talented students to learn by grouping them with other gifted and talented students, teaching them in specialised ways and providing educational materials at the appropriate level.

Applications for selective high school placement are considered mainly on the basis of the Selective High School Placement Test results and school assessment scores.

The Selective High School Placement Test will be held on Thursday 12 March 2020.

If you would like to have your child considered for Year 7 selective high school entry in 2021, you need to apply on the internet using a valid email address (not the student’s email address).

Detailed instructions on how to apply online at


You must submit only ONE application for each student.

Tonkin Street Carpark Upgrades

Notice is given that the Tonkin Street Carpark will be closed from 7th October till 23rd October 2019, weather permitting, to carry out the work.

These works are expected to provide improved quality of pavement and wearing surface.

While every effort will be made to minimise inconvenience during construction, there may be:

• disruption to traffic

• reduced parking

• noise and dust

Work will take place Monday to Friday from 7am–6pm and Saturdays from 7am-4pm.

Please make alternative parking arrangements during these works.

The project is funded by Sutherland Shire Council, Roads and Maritime Services and Maritime Industry Infrastructure Delivery.

Kindergarten 2020 Orientation Mornings

Session 1 Thursday 31st October

Please ensure all details have been received by school for new enrolments and documentation completed. Parents with siblings beginning in 2020 are encouraged to finalise enrolment details asap.

The first of two transition sessions for Kindergarten 2020 will take place on Thursday 31st October 2019. Parents and children will meet in the hall at 10am. The children will be escorted to the classroom by Year 6 Buddies and parents will remain in the hall for an information session. There will be morning tea provided at 11.15am.

The next Transition session will be Tuesday 12th November at 10am.

T:\Teacher\KINDERGARTEN\Kindergarten 2020\CPS_KINDER_PROMO_19_FINAL.jpg

Letters of Commendation

  • KA Aloise J
  • KC Camila S
  • KE Edie D
  • KJ Hanisi G
  • TK Jayden MC
  • 1B Florence L
  • 1K Alex P
  • 1T Oliver K
  • 2G Ava K
  • 2H Caiden H
  • 2T Indiya N
  • 3D Brayden Mc
  • 3S Evie E
  • 4M Ella P
  • 3/4H Willow J
  • 5D Rimu O
  • 5M Zoe Mc
  • 6A Safira A
  • 6P Jackson S
  • Library Harmony B
  • Music Sienna K

Students of the Month

Imogen P (KE) Luka T (KE) Mason E (KE)
Eve K (KC) Marcus H ( KJ) India W (KC)
Juddah S (KE) Brax P (1B) Aleah X (1T)
Kaitlyn H (2H) Zara O (2T) Ricki B (2H)
Tate L (2T) Bronti T (2T) Lachlan W (3D)
Matthew B (3D) Jeremy H (3D) Zsylam L (3S)
Elias F (3S) Willow J (3/4H) Elouise F (4M)
Asher H (4M) Scott G (4M) Billi C (5D)
Gemma H (5D) Milosz W (5D) Charli O (5M)
Ciera C (KJ) Ashton L (KC) Glen P (KE)
Ben S (KE) Amelia N-T (KA) Jett M (KA)
Bailey B (KA) Evie L (KJ) Parker (KC)
Byron K (1B) Lucian M (1B) Alex P (1K)
Anita B (2T) Bede S (2H) Dylan T (3S)
Harrison G (3D) Isaac F (4M) Zinzan P (3/4H)
Oscar H (KC) Demi S (KA) Dallas T (KA)
Nicole F (3D) Holly K (KJ) Kash L (3D)
Owen O (2T)

Principal Awards

  • Lucian M (1B)
  • Georgia P (2G)
  • Lorenzo B (2G)
  • Brax L (2G)
  • Lucia L (2G)
  • Kaitlyn H (2H)
  • Jeremy H (3D)
  • Luis D (3/4H)
  • Tyler R (3/4H)
  • Billi C (5D)

K-2 100 and 150 nights of reading


  • Evee W (KA)
  • Luella H (KA)
  • Leo H (KA)


  • Kalani 200
  • Olivia 200
  • Eden 150
  • Evie 150
  • Albion 150
  • Indi 100
  • Boston 100
  • Kobi 100


  • Ryder W 100
  • Bohdi D 150
  • Nicole C 200
  • Ashton L 200
  • Oscar H 200
  • Summer R 200


  • Evie T 100
  • Kiva L 150


  • 100- Alice, Lily, Alex, Avery, Joseph, Mia
  • 150- Haylie, Indiana
  • 200- Ciel


  • Lucian M – 200
  • Lawson F- 100
  • Florence L – 100
  • Kosta A – 100
  • Luna NR – 150
  • Amelie A – 100


P&C Report

The October P&C Meeting will be held on Tuesday 29th October at 2.30pm.

Father’s Day Stall Report

The Father’s Day Stall sold out this year. Thank you to the school community for its full support.

Special thanks to the below parents without them the day would

Not have been a success.

Brooke Jones  – Henry 2T

Renee Watson – Jack 3D & Georgia KA

Page Ransom – Summer KC

Lauren Phillips – Evie KJ

Claudia Droulias – Albion KJ

Sarah Young – Jeremy 3D & Marcus KJ

Maxine Lambert – Chloe 3D & Ashton KC

Andree Lewis – Bowie 1K

Emma Maddison – Olivia 4M & Lachlan 3D

Lisa Hammond – Jamine Yr3 & Beau KE

Kim Fisher – Isaac 4M & Nell 3S

Ninja Fun Run Fundraiser

Thank you to the school community for your support of the Ninja Fun Run and thank you to all who helped out on the day. It was an amazing effort with over $24000 raised to offset the cost of 6 new Interactive Whiteboards!

Prizes that were given out included:

  • Bronze 90
  • Silver 107
  • Gold 78
  • Platinum 50

Total of 325 prizes, an extraordinary effort by all.

Library Report

“Walkers, Wrigglers and Crawlers” – Story and Rhyme time for younger siblings

We’re very excited about offering a story and rhyme time for younger siblings on Friday mornings during Term 4. If you have a ‘Walker, Wriggler or Crawler’ please feel free to come along to the Library after kissing your school-aged child or children goodbye. Story and rhyme time will run for approximately 20 minutes.

Magic Monday

We are running a ‘Magic’ club on Monday in the library at lunchtime. All ages welcome.

Stay tuned for more information.

Story and Surprise

Story and Surprise will continue this term for interested Kindergarten and Year 1 students but will be held on a Tuesday.

Book Character Parade

Thank you to everyone who made our Book Character Parade a fun and successful one. It was great to see our students and staff getting involved and dressing up as their favourite book character. It was also lovely to share the event with our wonderful parents and, of course, grandparents in our first combined Book Character Parade and Grandparents’ Day event.

Premier’s Reading Challenge

Well done once again to students who completed the Challenge for 2019. ‘Lollies and Literature’ will happen early this term to congratulate these students and celebrate books.

Have a great month and keep reading!

Miss Kristen Gant

Teacher Librarian

Healthy Harold has arrived!


Students in Kindergarten to Year 4 will participate in the Healthy Harold Program during Weeks 1 and 2.

Year 5 Canberra and Snowy Mountains Camp

In the last week of Term 3, Year 5 travelled to Canberra and the snow for 4 days of jam packed fun! We visited the many attractions of our nation’s capital and spent the day at Perisher snowfields.


Our happy little campers could hardly contain their excitement, arriving at school bright and early. Our first stop was the Australian War Memorial where students explored the Discovery Zone inspired by Australia’s military history. After that we stopped by the Australian Institute of Sport. We had a guided tour of Australia’s premier elite sports precinct and visited the gymnastics, basketball and swimming facilities. We were even lucky enough to see some gymnasts and water polo players in their training sessions! Next the students had a hands on experience in Sportex, an interactive sports exhibit. Finally we ventured to our accommodation and settled into our camp rooms.


First off we explored Cockington Green, a park of miniatures! Next we took a drive around the embassies and high commissions. After that we arrived at Parliament House. We had a guided tour of both the House of Representatives and the Senate. Did you know the Australian flag on top of Parliament House is the size of a double-decker bus, measuring 12.8m in length? Finally we ventured to the Snowy Hydro Discovery Centre and learnt all about the history and production of the Snowy Mountains Scheme.


Perisher was snow much fun! ⛄️ Year 5 had a ball playing in the snow, making snowmen and sliding down the slopes! The sun was shining and the conditions were perfect! We loved going up and down the mountain on the chair lift! For many kids it was their first time seeing snow and the excitement was contagious! To top an incredible day, Year 5 ended the night with a disco!


Our first stop was the National Museum of Australia where students explored the galleries and even made their own digital time traveling robot. After that we ventured to Questacon – the National Science and Technology Centre. The six metre free fall slide was certainly a highlight! Year 5 loved playing, discovering and learning through hands on experiences. It was so much fun! The gift shop was a hit too!

Miss Richards, Mr McKimm and Miss Dwyer would like to thank Year 5 for their impressive behaviour and enthusiastic participation throughout the duration of the camp. You were outstanding ambassadors for our school! We hope you treasure the memories of your Year 5 camp experience for many years to come.

Year 1 Excursion

Year 1 travelled back in time during their History excursion to the NSW Schoolhouse Museum. They enjoyed having a hands on experience with what it was like in school over 100 years ago. From cooking food over a fire, writing with slate and ink pens, dressing up and even seeing the cane, they were thoroughly engaged in this blast from the past! ​

C:\Users\Susan Ross\AppData\Local\Temp\\70834128_1167206953668029_8354074392765923328_n.jpg

C:\Users\Susan Ross\AppData\Local\Temp\\71030075_2024037934362596_7049204482894200832_n.jpg

C:\Users\Susan Ross\AppData\Local\Temp\\71033127_717531122054610_6469367950720630784_n.jpg

Year 4 Excursion

Year 4 enjoyed their excursion to the Opera House to experience Earth’s Dinosaur Zoo. They were able to get a hands on experience and a brief history of various dinosaurs that lived in Australia 66 million years ago! It was a beautiful, sunny day and our recommended step count was reached. What a wonderful way to finish Term 3!





Zone Public Speaking Results

Well done to all of our Cronulla Public Speaking Stage Zone Finalists

Stage 1 Zone Winner : Daisie W

Stage 2 Finalist : Willow J

Stage 3 Finalist : Freya E


Zone Athletics Carnival Report

It was a fantastic two days at the Cronulla Zone Athletics Carnival, with CPS achieving some great results. The behaviour and sportsmanship exhibited by all competitors was exemplary. It was pleasure to see everybody try their hardest.

Congratulations to all CPS athletes who represented our school with distinction at the two Zone Carnival days and special mention to:

– Harlem P who came 2nd in Age Champion Race for Senior Boys

– Zinzan P who set a new record in the  9 Years 100m with a 14.34.

Best of luck to our Sydney East Qualifiers who will compete this Thursday:

    • Sophie H: 8 Years Girls 100m
    • Kash L: 4 x 100m Relay Junior Boys
    • Zak P: Junior Discus and 4 x 100m Relay Junior Boys
    • Harlem P: Senior Discus, Shot Put and Long Jump
    • Zinzan Pure: 4 x 100m Relay Junior Boys and 9 Years 100m
    • Chalie R: 4 x 100m Relay Junior Boys and 10 Years 100m

However, congratulations to Sophie, Kash, Zak, Harlem, Zinzan, and Charlie who will be representing our school at the Sydney East Athletics Carnival, at SOPAC on Thursday 17th October. We wish them good luck.

PSSA Term 4 Sports: Basketball and Cricket

Cricket Teams: 1 Senior and 1 Junior Team

Basketball Teams: 1 Senior Girls, 1 Senior Boys and 2 Mixed Juniors

PSSA Season 3 Finishes: 29/11/2019 (Term 4, Week 7)

PSSA Season 3 Finals: 6/12/2019 (Term 4, Week 8)

Cricket Venues: Woolooware, Box Rd Sylvania Hts &Seymour Shaw​

Basketball Venue: Cronulla Public School

Swimming Lessons

Year 1 & 2, Optional sport Years 3-6

For Term 4 sport children will undertake swimming lessons at the Cronulla Pavilion Sports Complex. Lessons will commence on Friday 18th October and conclude on Friday 6th December.

Students will be walking to the swimming centre under the supervision of the teachers. The children will be assessed on their swimming ability and placed into the appropriate group.

The cost of swimming lessons is $85. The cost includes 8 swimming lessons.

Please return the permission note to the office and payment by Monday 14th October, 2019.

What: Swimming Lessons

When: Term 4 – Friday 18th October – Friday 6th December (8 weeks)

Where: Cronulla Indoor Pool Centre

Transport: Walking

Cost: $85

Time : Year 1: 11.15 am – 12.45pm

Time : Year 2: 12:15pm-1.00pm

Time: Primary: 1.00pm – 3.25pm. Positions for the Primary sport are now filled.

Students can wear their swimming costume to school or change at school.

Please ensure students bring a small bag to carry their

  • towel,
  • goggles
  • swimming cap
  • underwear

Students will change out of their wet swimming costume at the pool after the lesson. Students will need enclosed shoes to walk to and from the swimming centre, thongs are not permitted to be worn.

Creative and Performing Arts Updates

Band 2020

Is your child interested in joining the Band in 2020?

In Week 10 of this term, the band will be holding a recruitment concert for Year 3 and 4 students. The idea of the concert is to showcase the variety of instruments on offer and to enthuse any students who are interested in joining the training band in 2020.

A brochure and application form will go home with students on the day. Please discuss this wonderful lifelong opportunity of learning music with your child. Further information will be distributed in Term 4.

Dance Sport

Congratulations to all Dance Sport participants on an amazing performance in the Dance Sport Challenge Gala in Week 8. An incredible night was had by all, dancing the Jive, Cha-Cha, Tango, Salsa and Samba. Our four couple finalists had a wonderful outcome: Seb and Freya placed 5th in the Cha-Cha finals, Blake and Charli O placed 7th in the Jive finals, Tyler and Evelyn made it to the semi-finals for Tango and Evander and Krystal danced the night away in Salsa. Miss Evans and Miss Barter are very proud of all of our dancers who represented our school with pride, fantastic sportsmanship and enthusiasm!







Congratulations to all the students who performed musical items at the Night of Stars! This reflected, in a small way, some of the things the students have been learning this year in the Music Room. Following are some comments from students.

  • ‘ I like how music can be fun and energetic, but at the same time it can be deep and truthful, or slow , fast and feisty’ Harrison  4M
  • ‘ I love listening to all the different genres of music’ Willow 3/4H
  • ‘ When I come into the music room, I like composing because you can be as creative as you want’ – Luke 3D
  • ‘I feel excited when I enter the music room because I enjoy listening to the songs and band music’- Marlee 3S
  • ‘ When I go into the music room, my heart jumps up and down because I am so excited for music! I get to play new and fun instruments.’- Zara 2T
  • ‘ When it is Monday, I say,”Yes! Music today!”- Brax 2G
  • ‘My favourite thing to do is making a story and adding some music’ – Nina 2H
  • ‘ I love music because it is fun to play instruments. It makes me feel happy and calm’- Lorenzo 2G

Mrs Yates

C:\Users\sross24\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\IE\91E71P22\Jnr Ukulele Performing.jpg


Art News Operation Art Regional Workshops

Over the last two weeks of Term 3, Operation Art regional workshops held at Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush. Interested students from CPS were invited to attend a day of art making.

On Tuesday 17th September, the rainy weather didn’t dampen the student’s enthusiasm for a fun day, filled with creating artworks and meeting new friends. Stage 1 students from all over Sydney came to experiment with print making, mixed media and clay works, working alongside art teachers and local artists. The student workshops are running in conjunction with the Operation Art, art exhibition at The Armory Gallery, which is also onsite. Mrs Hackfath is supervising these student workshops and loving the art produced by some very talented artists, including Meg and Daisie.

Well done girls!






/Users/Jacqui/Desktop/IMG_7285.jpg /Users/Jacqui/Desktop/IMG_7272.jpg

Art News – Operation Art Touring 50 selection

Congratulations to Zsa Zsa Z, Year 3 for having her artwork selected in the ‘Touring 50’, in the Operation Art exhibition currently on display at Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush. Her artwork will be exhibited at The Art Gallery of New South Wales and at selected regional galleries! After the tour, the artworks become a part of The Children’s Hospital at Westmead’s permanent art collection. Congratulations also to Elouise F, Year 4, for having her artwork, ‘Paw Picked’, which means her artwork will be used to illustrate a wide variety of teaching strategies for teachers. Also, Sophie W and Ella P currently have their beautiful artworks on display. A wonderful effort by all.


/Users/Jacqui/Desktop/IMG_7255.jpg /Users/Jacqui/Desktop/IMG_7254.jpg



/Users/Jacqui/Desktop/IMG_7250.jpg /Users/Jacqui/Desktop/IMG_7257.jpg

Art News – Southern Orchid Spectacular Art Competition.

Over the past few weeks, Stage 2 students have been working on observational drawings of wild orchids in preparation for the Southern Orchid Spectacular to be held on Friday 11 Oct – Sunday 13th Oct, at Sutherland Basketball Stadium. Helen and Irene, from the spectacular, will be judging 3D, 3S, 3/4H and 4M’s artworks soon. The selected artworks will be on display at the Basketball stadium from 9 – 4pm on Friday and Saturday and 9 – 2pm on Sunday. Adult entry is $5 and children under 15 years are free. John, a photographer from the local paper, The Leader came to take photos of the students last week. We hope to be in The Leader soon. Well done Stage 2 students.

/Users/Jacqui/Desktop/IMG_7226 (1).jpg /Users/Jacqui/Desktop/IMG_7114.jpg

/Users/Jacqui/Desktop/IMG_7223.jpg /Users/Jacqui/Desktop/IMG_7221.jpg /Users/Jacqui/Desktop/IMG_7117.jpg


The Environment Team

The Environment Team had a meeting on the last Wednesday of Term 3 to discuss our plans for Term 4. The students ideas were thoughtful and appropriate to our schools position.

The team came up with two initiatives that will be starting straight away:

  • Lids for Kids – Envision Hands
  • Aussie Bread Tags for Wheelchairs

Lids for Kids Information (Envision Hands)

  • Envision hands mission is to create 100 bespoke aids out of bottle caps, with 3D printers, which we will then donate to children in need.
  • They use all flat soft drink, water and milk bottle tops, including those from long life containers.
  • They cannot process tops which have other plastic or metal attached – this includes water bottle tops which have pull up tops. They also ask that the caps are cleaned before they are donated and that no extra plastic, metal or other material is attached.
  • Approximately 250 lids are used to make a small hand, however the wastage ends up being approximately 500 lids by the time it has been made. For an arm, approximately 500 lids are used with a wastage of approximately 1000 caps.


Aussie Bread Tags For Wheelchairs

  • Bread Tags for Wheelchairs was started in South Africa in 2006 by Mary Honeybun. It is a community program where individuals and organisations collect bread tags, which are sold to recyclers.
  • The money raised pays for wheelchairs for the less fortunate which are purchased through a local pharmacy. Currently about 500kg of bread tags are collected a month in South Africa, funding 2-3 wheelchairs. You can find more information on their websites:

The Environment Team would love for you to join us in collecting bread tags and bottle top lids.

Students can donate their tags and lids to the tubs at morning assembly.

Thank you for your support.

We are looking forward to seeing your Waste Free Lunchboxes and tag and lid donations in Term 4.

The Environment Team

School Photos- Tuesday 29th October

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

School photos will be taken on Tuesday 29th October. We will begin with family photos at 8:45am in the hall followed by individual and class photos. There will be Year 6, School PSSA sporting teams (including soccer, netball, basketball, girls’ soccer, AFL, cricket and basketball Knockout), extra-curricular (including choir, ukulele, band, Run Club) and Captains and Prefects photos. The cut off date to order family photos is the Monday 28th October by 12pm. They will accept cash if you miss the cut off. Please see payment method below.

School Photos Coordinator

Mrs Williamson

Deputy Principal


Individual/class photos

Option 1


Place correct cash in the envelope provided with your child’s name, class and package required clearly written on the envelope. We ask that you send this to the school and give it to your child’s class teacher on the day of your child’s photographs.
Option 2


Order online through the Don Wood website using a PC or Laptop on using our unique school code 168217

1. Go to


3. Type the school code 168217 into the Orange box on the left hand side of the screen which says SCHOOL CODE.

4. Home page for Cronulla Public School will appear.

5. Click on the dark blue box- Order pre-paid packages- (ORDER NOW)

6. Enter your child’s details- click NEXT and click on the package you wish to purchase.

7. Scroll down to the very bottom- click NEXT etc etc etc.

Please do not pay online through the school website as this money is collected by the company not the school.

If you order online via the NO envelope is required to be brought back to the school.

Family photographs

Option 1


Place correct cash in the red envelope which is provided for you at the school office. Please return these to the school office.

You may also give this envelope to your child on the day of photographs to be handed directly to the photographers when they have their photo taken.

If you don’t get a chance to get a red family photo envelope please fill out a regular envelope clearly marked with the eldest child’s name, class, and option you wish to purchase including the correct cash.

Option 2


Order online through the Don Wood website on with our unique school code 168217

Begin this process the same as ordering individual/class photos as above.

There is a cut-off date for family online orders.

Family orders online must be done BEFORE 12pm the night before school photographs are to be taken at the school.

If you order online NO envelope is required to be brought back to the school.

Leadership/ Extracurricular photographs

Option 1


Group photographs can be purchased AFTER the school photographs have come back to the school.

The group photographs can be viewed up on the online portal when school photographs are delivered back to the school.

The code to purchase will be the same code used for individual/class photos 168217

1. Go to


3. Type the school code 168217 into the Orange box on the left hand side of the screen which says SCHOOL CODE.

4. Home page for Cronulla Public school will appear.

5. Click on Group photos at the middle top of the screen.

2nd Hand Uniforms for Sale

2nd Hand Uniforms call Leanne 0414912601 all sizes summer/ winter good condition from $10.

Uniform donations are now being taken for boy’s long pants, jackets, girl’s winter tunics and shirts. Thank you.

Canteen Updates Term 4

Cronulla Public School Summer 2019 Canteen Prices
ANZAC slice 60c Cereal scoop 40c
Chips $1.50 Garlic Bread (one slice) 30c
Frozen Fruit 60c Jatz biscuit (one biscuit) 10c
Hot Chocolate 70c Twisted yogurt $2.20
Just Juice popper $1.50 Moosies ice block $1.50
Mamee rice sticks 90c Quelch ice block 50c full /25c half
Moove milk $2.00 Water 300ml 80c
Popcorn 60c Water 600ml $1.20​
Rice cup 80c

Any parent who is able to give some time to volunteer in the canteen would be most appreciated. The more volunteers the better and even casual days are a help. Please leave your details at the office if you able to volunteer time in the canteen.


Week 1
Mon 14th Oct Students return
Tues 15TH Oct Healthy Harold lessons begin

2020 Band Recruitment concert

October Newsletter

Thurs 17th Oct Sydney East Athletics Carnival
Fri 18th Oct Swimming Starts

Cronulla Zone PSSA Season 3

Week 2
Mon 21st PaTCH Session 3 with Mrs Williamson
Tues 22nd Oct Band Auditions
Fri 25th Oct Cronulla Zone Season 3
Week 3
Mon 28th Oct Water Polo Gala Day
Tues 29th Oct School Photos

P&C Meeting

Thurs 31st Oct K2020 Transition Session 1
Fri 1st Nov Cronulla Zone Season 3
Week 4
Mon 4th Nov PaTCH Session 4 with Mrs Williamson
Tues 5th Nov November Newsletter
Week 5
Mon 11th Nov Remembrance Day Assembly
Tues 12th Nov K2020 Transition Session 2
Week 6
Mon 18th Nov PaTCH Session 5 with Mrs Williamson
Wed 20th Nov Band Information Night
Fri 22nd White Ribbon Walk
Fri 22nd Yr 2 Possum Magic
Week 7
Tues 26th Nov P&C Meeting
Tues 26th Nov 2020 Leadership Voting
Wed 27th Nov Thank you Helpers Morning Tea
Wed 27th Nov Last Scripture
Week 8
Tues 3rd Dec Cronulla PS Presentation Night
Tues 3rd Dec December Newsletter
Fri 6th Dec Swimming lessons finish
Fri 6th Dec PSSA Season 3 finals
Week 9
Tues 10th Dec Year 6 Farewell
Tues 10th Dec Toys n Tucker donations
Thurs 12th Dec Year 6 Surf Awareness
Week 10
Mon 16th Dec Celebration Session School Picnic
Tues 17th Dec Carols by the Bay
Wed 18th Dec Students last day
Thurs 19th Dec Staff Development Day


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