Newsletter October 2018


October Newsletter 2018

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to Term 4, another busy and productive term with many events and activities planned.

Congratulations to all the students who have received a Term 3 Principal Commendation Letter. One child per class is selected twice a year for a Commendation Letter which is sent to their parents. Students are

acknowledged and commended for demonstrating the Positive Behaviour for Learning values of Safety, Respect and Learning. A full list of the recipients is included in the newsletter. Well done students!

Colour Dash

We are all looking forward to the Colour Dash on Saturday 3rd November.

This week your child will be given details regarding how to enter and  start collecting sponsors.

It promises to be another wonderful event and the whole community is invited to participate.

The money raised on the day from the entries and sponsorships will directly benefit the children.

Fundraising packs will be sent home with students this week. Tickets are available at an early bird price until 28th October 2018. They are available at:

Our thanks to all the P&C for the work and time to organise this event. Special mention to Mrs Brooke Jones for her tireless work as organiser. If you are able to assist on the day please contact Brooke or just come along to enjoy the festivities and support the school. Further details are included in the newsletter.

School Uniform Updates

All students should have now transitioned to Summer School Uniforms. Please note that summer school uniform is worn for the School Photos next week.

As part of the Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) principles, attention to wearing the correct uniform is expected. This includes the white ankle socks for girls and full black shoes. All students require a school hat for sun protection.

Changes to School Uniform Policy and associated guidelines

Previous information regarding the mandatory changes to the school uniform Policy and guidelines was included in the August Newsletter.

It has been mandated by the Department of Education that the revised School Uniform Policy requirements include :

  • all students have the opportunity to access the full range of school activities, including physical activities while wearing a school uniform
  • girls must have the option to wear shorts and pants
  • consideration is given to cost and how to assist families, including for schools to inform parents how they can access financial support to purchase school uniform items.

The revised School Uniform Policy and associated guidelines can be found at the link: School Uniform Policy.

As previously advertised, formal consultation with the P&C took place at the July P&C meeting. Staff and students were also consulted as required.

The proposed changes to the girls’ uniform are:

Summer – bottle green shorts worn with short sleeved lemon school shirt with the school crest

Winter – Bottle green pants worn with a long sleeved lemons school shirt with the school crest

Please note these are optional additions to the present girls’ uniform. All uniform requirements will be available at Lowes and Claudines.

As part of the consultation process, all parents or carers and the school community are now invited to give feedback by Week 7 Friday 30th November regarding the changes. Please note that all information will be tabled and decisions ratified at the December P&C meeting.

Parents and carers will be given up to 3 years to comply with any changes.

School Attendance and Absence Notification

Regular attendance at school for every student is essential if students are to achieve their potential, and increase their career and life options. Schools in partnerships with parents are responsible for promoting the regular attendance of students. While parents are legally responsible for the regular attendance of their children, school staff, as part of their duty of care, record and monitor part and whole day absences. Schools, in providing a caring teaching and learning environment, which addresses the learning and support needs of students, including those with additional learning and support needs or complex health conditions, foster students’ sense of wellbeing and belonging to the school community. ’School Attendance in Gov’t Schools Procedures – 2015 – page1’

A reminder that the notification of all student absences is required by Parents and Carers. Absence data is updated in the School data systems each day. If an absence has not been explained (justified), the system will generate a reminder letter to be sent to parents. This process is required for tracking attendance concerns and auditing purposes. Please make sure that notes are up to date.

If your child is absent, notice may be given by using the option on the school website or by a phone call.

All absences must be explained. Unjustified absences will result in formal notification by the school. If your family is planning to travel during school time, please notify the office and the travel documentation will be processed.

Further information ‘Attendance Matters’ is included in this newsletter.

School Upgrades

The top Basket Ball court is nearing completion with a new retaining wall and landscaping. Special thank you to Mr Damian for all his work in the upgrade of this area.

The next school project will include the grass on both the side and lower ovals.

Notification has been received that the upgrade to the front of the school, to improve access and address safety issues, has been approved.

Staff will complete their additional 6 hours of Professional Leaning this term. This additional Professional Learning is in lieu of the second Staff Professional Development Day at the end of Term4. Notification and approval by the Director for the change was previously published in Term 2.

2019 Class Planning

As planning for 2019 is already underway, it is very important to ensure you have notified the office of any siblings that will enrol next year or if you are moving.

School Photos- Thursday 25th October (week 2)

A note and order form were sent home last term. You have the option to pay for photos online through the Don Wood Photography website or send the envelope to school with the cash enclosed.

On the Package Information Sheet that you received there is an Access Code: 168217, which you use to pay online or access team/group photos. Family photos can be requested online prior to photo day or an envelope can be collected from the office. Any special groups/team photos can also be ordered online once the photos have been taken.

Prices for packages start from $34 to $40. Family and team/group photos are available for $15.​

Photographs on Thursday 25th October will begin with family shots at 8:30am followed by individual and class photos. There will be family, Year 6, School PSSA sporting teams (including PSSA soccer, netball, basketball, cricket, girls’ soccer, AFL, Knockout cricket) and Captains and Prefects photos which can be ordered online.

The cut-off date to order online is 12pm on  24th October for family photos and 29th October for all other photos.

Tell Them From Me Parent Survey

This Term, our school will be participating in the Partners in Learning parent survey, another part of the Tell Them From Me suite of surveys (student, teacher and parent surveys) on student engagement. The survey asks parents and carers questions about different factors that are known to impact on student wellbeing and engagement.

Running this survey will help our school understand parents’ and carers’ perspectives on their child’s experience at school. These include: communication between parents/carers and staff, activities and practices at home and parent/carer views on the school’s support of learning and behaviour. This valuable feedback will help our school make practical improvements.

The survey is conducted entirely online on smartphones, ipads, tablets, laptops or computers. The survey will typically take 15 minutes or less to complete and is completely confidential. The parent survey will be conducted between 27 August and 26 October. Although participating in the survey is entirely voluntary, your responses are very much appreciated.

More information about the survey is available at:

To access the survey for our school go to:

Your support with completing the survey is appreciated.

School Community

Please be advised there has been a reported case of pertussis bacteria (whooping cough) at the school.

Kindergarten 2019

Parents please ensure you have completed all necessary enrolment documentation for any siblings that are enrolling for 2019. We are looking forward to our first visits for Kindergarten.

The first of two transition sessions for Kindergarten 2018 will take place on Thursday 8th November 2018. Parents and children will meet in the hall at 10am. The children will be escorted to the classroom by Year 6 Buddies and parents will remain in the hall for an information session. There will be morning tea provided at 11.15am.

The next Transition session will be Tuesday  20th November at 10am.



Students of the Month

Chloe R (KO) Avery L (KC) Luna N-R (KC)
Branxon P (KB) Kian M-C (KJ) Bhintai M (KB)
Lawson M (KO) Austin L (KJ) Crue C (KC)
Liliana C (1B) Asher K (1K) Ava K (1B)
Millie O (1E) Hayden O (2T) Zsa Zsa Z (2G)
Mathew B (2G) Perrin B (2O) Dylan S (2T)
Bailet G (3A) Ella P (3A) Zinzan P (3D)
Thomas W (3D) Miroslav M (3A) Sophie W (4P)
Emma S (4P) Ruby G (4P) Krystal B (4D)
Joshua M (4P) Lucas B (4D) Cassidy C (4P)
Kobe W (KB) Adam T (KJ)
Elizandra N 9 (KO) Brayden M X 2 (2G) Ruby I (1B)
Tabitha S (3A) Tyson M (KC) Lawson F (KO)
Chris H X 3 (5/6H) Kosta A (KO) Ellie F (3D)
Noah M (3A) Zsylam L (2T) Olivia M (3D)
Aaron S-R (1E) Zech B (4D) Joshua M (4P)
Riley M (KJ) Peter K (KJ) Mikayla L (KJ)
Ohio P (1B) Zach K (3A) Perrin B (2O)
Freya C (2G) Marley M (4D) River M (KJ)


Principal Awards

  • Indy C (2O)
  • Ella P (3A)
  • Zinzan P (3D)
  • Krystal B (4D)
  • Cassidy C (4P)
  • Ruby I (1B)
  • Chris H (5/6H)
  • Noah M (3A)
  • Olivia M (3D)

C:\Users\nmunro6\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\63E3JWFJ\trophy[1].jpg


Trophy Winner

  • Cassidy C (4P)
  • Zinzan P (3D)
  • Ella P (3A)

Principal Commendation Letters


Congratulations to the following students who received Principal Commendation Letters in Term 3.

Kobe W (KB) Sienna K ( 2O)
Grace G (KC) Lachlan W (2T)
Denzel C (KJ) Indianna H (3A)
Lawson F ( KO) Asha H (3D)
Ohio P (1B) Nathan H (4D)
Max F (1E) Sebastian M (4P)
Kaydon M ( 1K) Nixon P ( 5/6B)
Grace M (2G) Peppah B ( 5/6H)
Marcus G (TK) Safira A (5/6S)

P&C Meeting Tues 23rd October at 7pm.

All welcome. Pease note change of meeting date due to the Colour Dash.

Colour Dash Saturday 3rd November 11.00am

Prizes Include:

Top school Fundraiser – 10kg Novelty block of Cadbury Chocolate (it’s huge)

Top Class fundraiser – 2 VIP tickets for the 2018 school presentation night with reserved stage front seating (1 winner per class)

Every child that raises $50 will get a prize..

Plus every child who raises over $100 will go into a draw to win one of 10 prize packs.

Stage 3 Canberra and Snow Excursion

Students from our school have recently undertaken an education tour of Canberra/Snow. Students were given the opportunity to participate in a variety of education programs with a focus on Australia’s history, culture, heritage and democracy. They visited the Australian War Memorial, Australian Institute of Sport, Cockington Green, Questacon, Mt Ainslee Lookout and Parliament House for hospitalities and an Education Tour. They also spent a day in the Kosciuszko National Park Education Centre and snowfields.

The Australia Government recognises the importance of all young Australians being able to visit the national capital as part of their Civils and Citizenship education. To assist families in meeting the cost of the excursion the Australian Government contributed $20 per student under the Parliament and Civics Education Rebate program towards those costs. The rebate was paid directly to the school.

Stage 3 Camp Recount – Written by Lily D 6/5B

Day 1

The first day of camp I woke up at 5am because I needed to get to school by 6am so I could get on the bus to head to the first destination. Both my parents walked me to school to say goodbye. I got allocated to Bus 2 with Molly P, Molly M, Izzy, Eva and Teddy. I sat with Molly P for most of the trip because she is one of my laughing buddies. The bus ride was for 3-4 hours until we finally arrived in Canberra.

The first place we went to was the War Memorial where we learnt about the First and the Second World Wars. Secondly, we went to Mount Ansley and looked at Canberra from the lookout. Finally, we split into bus groups and explored AIS (Australian Institute of Sport). We saw gymnasts, swimmers, volleyballers and many other sports and professions. While we were at AIS we went to a fitness arcade with lots of games and exercise equipment.

Day 1 was a great day and I learnt many things.


Day 2

Early in the morning we woke up and packed our stuff to head to the next destination. For breakfast we had eggs, hashbrowns, mushrooms and toast. After that, we set up the buses so we could head to the Cockington Green Gardens.

At Cockington Green we saw beautiful structures from different countries. We had a look around. After we went on a small train all around the garden. It was really cool.

The next place we went to was Parliament House. Firstly, we went to the House of Representatives, the house’s theme was mossy green. Next we went to the Senate. The theme of the Senate was auburn and red. We saw a snippet of a debate about tobacco laws. We also learnt a bit about the flag of Australia which was perched above Parliament House. The flags dimensions were 6.4 by 12.8 metres.

Finally we got on our bus and went to the Snowy Hydro Centre. We watched a video about what happens when the snow melts. Snowy Hydro recycles the water from the snow to make electricity for our homes and buildings.

We went to another motel. We had dinner and dessert then went back to our rooms.

Day 3

Today was a really cool day because we all went to the snow. Everyone woke up and got on our snow gear so we would be ready after we ate breakfast. For breakfast we ate almost the same as yesterday except we got to choose between different kinds of cereal. Next we got on the bus and drove for about an hour.

Firstly, we went to the Koziosko National Park Education Centre. When we got there we played a game of trivia about the park and learnt about plants and animals. Next, we went behind the building and played different games and activities.

Secondly, we went to Perisher. Everyone was extremely excited! Once we arrived we split into groups of four to go up the chair lift, my group consisted of Katie, Izzy and Dakota. After we got on the chairlift which went up to the top of the mountain. Last summer I went to the snow in Europe so I knew the weather conditions would be cold. Once we arrived at the top of the mountain everyone threw snowballs everywhere! It was awesome. I hit all the teachers and most of the students, but they all got me back.The snow was really fun except I was freezing and the snow melted everywhere. I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed the experience.

Finally, we had a disco and I danced a lot. It was really fun and they played lots of great songs. Day 3 was a good day and I’m sad that we are leaving tomorrow.

Day 4

This was the last day of camp. Day 4 we went to Questacon and the National Museum before heading home.

Firstly, we went to Questacon. Questacon is a science museum and workshop. We saw many cool experiments to do with nature, fossils and water. There was a really cool green slide where you hold a bar and drop down to the ground. When we were at the shop, I bought a cactus made out of crystals and chocolate rocks.

Secondly, we went to the National Museum. The museum had lots of Australasian items. We watched a presentation on an Aboriginal athlete who was part of the stolen generation, Nova Peris . Another item they had was the heart of the famous racehorse, Phar Lap.

Finally, on the way back to Sydney we stopped at McDonalds where I had a fish burger, large fries, a macaroon and a large frozen fanta slushie.

Day 4 was a good day and I am sad camp is over.

Creative and Performing Arts Updates

Art News: Hazelhurst Gallery

Alexander McKenzie: The Adventurous Gardener

25 Aug 2018 – 21 Oct 2018

Alex-McK-745x310.jpg Hazelhurst’s first solo exhibition for Cronulla artist, Alexander McKenzie is currently showing. He is known for his evocative, luminous landscape paintings. McKenzie, in previous years has given up his time to speak to the senior classes at Cronulla Public School and is the uncle of Evander and Emerson Lawler. I encourage CPS students to view this amazing exhibition. His art works will feature in ‘art appreciation’ lessons in further weeks with the CPS, K-6 students.

The exhibition will showcase 42 of Alexander McKenzie’s most significant works, many of which have not been seen before together as they are largely from private collections.

For McKenzie the landscape is both a place for contemplation and a metaphor for personal journeys. Created entirely in his mind’s eye and conjured from imagination and memory, his uninhabited landscapes are places that do not exist but are a means of exploring personal and historical narratives through symbols and metaphors.


While his works have an underlying sense of familiarity, they are more evocative of otherness than a representation of a specific place, and they instantly transport the viewer into a dreamlike otherworld. The visual symbols, located in a maze-like formation in each work, provide a pathway for the viewer to navigate the underlying narrative.


CAPA Achievement – Music:

Student’s composition chosen for the 2019 SSSMF repertoire.

Lucy Hallam, Year 3 Cronulla Public School, composed an original song titled ‘Cheeky Kookaburra’, which won a Highly Commended award in the 2017 National Songwriting Competition. The song was submitted to the Sutherland Shire Schools Music Festival committee and has recently been selected to be included in the repertoire for 2019. Congratulations Lucy!

CAPA Achievement and Staff and Student Awards:

Operation Art Exhibition and Awards

Last term, on Saturday the 15th September, five CPS students and their parents attended the opening of the Operation Art exhibition. This exhibition, held at the Armory Gallery, Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush, showcased over 800 primary and secondary school artworks from around the region. Operation Art is an initiative of the Children’s Hospital at Westmead in association with the NSW Department of Education.

Zoe Mc Donagh received the ‘Outstanding Student Achievement Award’ – for enthusiastic participation and artistic skill in the 2018 Operation Art competition. Mrs Hackfath received the ‘Outstanding Teacher Achievement Award’ – for 10 years of service and commitment to quality teaching/learning programs for Operation Art.

Zoe McDonagh, Zak Pearce and Elouise Fonder, Meg Degnan and Zylam Lama were successful in having their artworks selected for the exhibition. Three of these student’s artworks were further selected for 2 awards:

1. ‘Artbank’ – artworks are donated to regional hospitals throughout NSW or exhibited in offices of NSW Department of Education – Zoe McDonagh, Zak Pearce and Elouise Fonder.

2. ‘Pawpick’ – examples of Op Art entries used to illustrate a wide variety of teaching strategies – Zak Pearce and Elouise Fonder.

The 2018 awards were presented on 15th September at Sydney Olympic Park.



IMG_9354.JPGIMG_9336.JPG IMG_2098.jpeg



/Users/Jacqui/Desktop/Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 7.30.46 PM.png /Users/Jacqui/Desktop/IMG_4561 2.JPG

/Users/Jacqui/Desktop/Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 7.31.22 PM.png

Term 4 Dance

Dance classes will continue in Term 4 until Week 7 Friday 30th November and any student who has not participated this year is now invited to join the Term 4 lessons.

Term 4 Dance Classes are as follows:

MONDAY 8.00am :Senior Girls Dance Group for girls in Year 5 and 6

MONDAY 8.40am : Junior Girls Dance Monday Group for girls in Year 3 and Year 4

THURSDAY 8.00am : Primary Boys Dance Group for primary boys in Year 3 to Year 6

THURSDAY 8.40am: Junior Girls Dance Thursday Group for girls in Year 3 and Year 4

FRIDAY 8.40am : Year 2 Dance Group for girls and boys in Year 2

Fees are prepaid for returning students.

New student’s fee is $21 = $3 per week for 7 weeks.

Classes are taught by qualified dance instructors.

Band 2019

Is your child interested in joining the Band in 2019?

It has been an extremely successful first year of the Cronulla Public School Band. The students have enjoyed the variety of new opportunities including learning a new instrument and reading music, performing in a number of concerts and participating in a workshop with the Sutherland Shire Police Band.

Notes were sent home in Term 3 for expressions of interest. They are due as soon as possible for the instrument trial day. ​Extra notes are available at the office and see Miss Peyton if you have any questions.

Ukulele Performing Groups

This term, both the junior and senior ukulele groups will combine on a TUESDAY to prepare for the Carols by the Bay.  Junior performing group will continue with the Monday afternoon also, up to and including the 12th November.

100 Nights Home Reading


  • Madelaine M
  • Tyson M
  • Baze W
  • Avery F

C:\Users\n33856\Desktop\wr6.jpgWhite Ribbon

C:\Users\n33856\Desktop\white ribbon.PNG

White Ribbon Day is celebrated on Thursday 22nd November to raise awareness and to reduce violence against women in Australia.

This year we will again be participating in the White Ribbon Walk on November 23rd with students from Stage 3 representing our school. Further details will be available at the beginning of November.

Selective High School 2020 entry procedures

Selective high schools cater for high achieving academically gifted students who may otherwise be without sufficient classmates at their own academic and social level. These schools help gifted and talented students to learn by grouping them with other gifted and talented students, teaching them in specialised ways and providing educational materials at the appropriate level.

Applications for selective high school placement are considered mainly on the basis of the Selective High School Placement Test results and school assessment scores.

The Selective High School Placement Test will be held on Thursday 14 March 2019.

If you would like to have your child considered for Year 7 selective high school entry in 2020, you need to apply on the internet using a valid email address (not the student’s email address).

Detailed instructions on how to apply online will be available from mid-September 2018 at https://

The application website opens at that link on 9 October 2018 and closes on 12 November 2018. You must apply before the closing date.

There are no paper application forms. If you do not have internet access, you could apply at a public library. If you have a disability that prevents you from using a computer, you can contact the Unit for assistance after

You must submit only ONE application for each student.


Cronulla Public School 2018 NSW PSSA Basketball Knockout Champions

Cronulla Public School were recently crowned 2018 NSWPSSA Basketball Champions. The team was selected during Term 1 and began training twice a week before school with each session lasting 45-60 minutes. Over 390 teams entered the competition and the team were well aware that each opponent would be highly challenging. Training sessions included both practical and theory elements to support the boys with their approach to increasing their skills and basketball knowledge. On the road to the Final 8 Series that was held at Sutherland Basketball Stadium, Cronulla defeated Ultimo PS, Bangor PS, Canley Heights PS and Regentville PS. As a result, Cronulla was crowned Sydney East and Sydney South West Regional Champions.

Leading into the Final 8 Series the draw was released and Cronulla were set to face Mt Saint Thomas in the quarter finals who were the South Coast Region Champions. This team was the 2017 NSWPSSA Basketball Champions and they had 4 players returning from last years title. Cronulla defeated Mt Saint Thomas by 28 points and advanced to the semi final against Wahroonga PS (Sydney North). This was set to be Cronulla’s hardest challenge as Wahroonga’s team included a number of quality basketball players. After a tight and physical game Cronulla came away with an 11 point victory. However, it did lead to a number of bumps and bruises and left many of Cronulla’s players feeling tired and sore. The final was set to be played against Telarah PS (Hunter). To Cronulla’s credit they dug deep and got out to an early 15 point lead. Telarah PS did win some key moments, however, Cronulla were able to hold a comfortable lead throughout the entire game. The boys had a tremendous second half and were able to come away with a 12 point victory.

Congratulations Isaac, Sam, Eden, Jesse, Freddy, Jarrah, Noah, Anthony, Kai and Tyson on becoming Cronulla Public Schools first NSWPSSA State Knockout Champions. Mr Dean couldn’t be prouder of your commitment and efforts over the past 6 months. Achieving a result of this significance is something that you all will remember for many years to come.

Other participating teams in the Final 8 Series included Tamworth PS, Griffith North PS, Narranga PS and West Wyalong PS.


Congratulations to Zin Zan Pure on his outstanding achievement at the recent Sydney East Athletics  Carnival.  He ran a personal best time of 14.99 seconds to take out the under 8’s 100m event. Zin Zan will now compete at the NSW Athletics Carnival on 31st October.

Well done and good luck

T:\Teacher\NEWSLETTERS\Newsletters 2018\October\untitled.png

Term 4 Sport

Friday Swimming

Year 1 & 2, Optional sport Years 3-6

Years 3-6 (optional sport group) and all Year 1 and 2 students will begin swimming lessons at the Cronulla Indoor Pool Centre on Friday 19th October (Week 1) this term. Please be advised that the years’ 3-6 group is full. Lessons begin Friday. Students will walk to the swimming centre under the supervision of the teachers. The lesson is 45 minutes in duration.

Students in:

Year 1 will leave school at 11:45am for a 12.15pm lesson

Year 2 will leave school at 1:15pm for a 1.45pm lesson

Year 3-6 will leave school at 11.00 for a 11:30pm lesson

The children will be assessed on their swimming ability and placed into the appropriate group.  The cost of swimming lessons is $80 which includes 8 swimming lessons.

If your child is in Year 1 or 2 please sign and return the permission note and payment by Tuesday 16th October if you haven’t done so already. Students can wear their swimming costume to school or change at school

Students can wear their swimming costume to school or change at school.

Please ensure students bring a small bag to carry their

  • towel,
  • goggles
  • swimming cap
  • underwear

Students will change out of their wet swimming costume at the pool after the lesson. Please don’t send thongs as students will need enclosed shoes to walk to and from the swimming centre.

Joanne Williamson Program Coordinator

PSSA Season 3 Sport Updates

The competition will conclude on Friday 7th December, (Term 4 Week 8).

PSSA sports are played on a Friday afternoon.

Basketball is held at either the Sutherland Basketball Stadium or our school court

Cricket is played at various locations around the Sutherland Shire.

Children will leave the school at approximately 11:15am and return by 2:00pm. Travel will be by bus to and from the venue.

Sharks 10 Community Fun Run

On Sunday, 7th October two very brave souls joined Mr. McKimm to run 3 kilometers at the Sharks 10 Community Fun Run, in what can only be described as torrential and horrible weather. Joseph Goon Chew and Dylan Scales were those two students and even before the race had begun they had proven themselves as champions for turning up to race in that weather. Despite the miserable conditions both boys raced with a smile on their face and represented their school with honour and pride.

Running Club

​Running Club will be back this term:

K-2 Tuesday mornings from 8:30-9:00am

3-6 Wednesday mornings from 8:30 – 9:00am

With the weather warming up please remember to bring a water bottle, hat and a change of clothes for running in. Please note, Mr McKimm will also be looking to take a team to a Parkrun later in the term.

Attendance Matters

Why must I send my child to school?

  • Education is compulsory between the ages of 6 and 17
  • Once enrolled a child is required by law to attend to school every day the school is open

Why is regular attendance so important?

  • Regular school attendance will help your child succeed in later life
  • Regular attendance makes learning easier for your child

Learning time lost from Kindergarten to Year 10

I day absent from school each week = 440 days = 2 years and 1 term

2days absent per week = 880 days = 4 years and 2 terms

3 days absent from school each week = 1320 days = 6 years and 1 term

5 days per term = 220 days = 1 year and 1.5 terms

10 days per term = 440 days = 2 years and 3 terms

Whose responsibility is it?

  • Parents are legally responsible for explaining their child’s absences to the school within 7 days of the absence/s
  • Principals are legally responsible for accurate roll marking at school and contacting parents if a child’s absences remain unexplained by the parent

Explanations for absences

  • Absences from school may be justified if your child;
  • has to go to a religious ceremony
  • is required to attend a serious or urgent family situation
  • is too sick to go to school or has an infectious illness

Do I have to let the school know my child is absent?

  • By law, parents are required to supply the school with a justified reason for their child’s absence.
  • The explanation can be written, verbal or front office staff or electronic mail to the school.

What if my child is late to school or needs to leave early?

  • As with whole day absences, there needs to be a reason supplied to the school for the ‘partial’ absence
  • Please escort your child to the front office and sign them in or out, depending.

What if my child is going on holiday during school time?

  • Inform the principal in advance and request leave/exemption from school for your child
  • The school may be able to provide tasks your child needs to complete while they are absent from class

Do not keep children away from school for-

  • Birthdays
  • Shopping
  • Minding other children
  • Haircuts
  • minor family events

Tips for success

  • Have set bed and wake up times
  • Have uniform and school bag ready the night before
  • Make lunches the night before
  • Breakfast is important!
  • Set time for homework – routine is important
  • Turn the TV on only AFTER the jobs are done
  • BE FIRM – children must go to school
  • BE FIRM – a birthday is not a holiday
  • BE POSITIVE – and provide lots of encouragement
  • Time your arrival at school and leave quickly

Please see your child’s teacher if you have any concerns regarding your child’s attendance.

Anaphylaxis Awareness

What is Anaphylaxis?[1]

Anaphylaxis is the most severe form of allergic reaction and is potentially life threatening. It must be treated as a medical emergency, requiring immediate treatment and urgent medical attention. A severe allergic reaction usually occurs within 20 minutes of exposure to the trigger and can rapidly become life threatening.

Common causes of anaphylaxis in childhood include insect stings and food allergy (e.g. peanuts, nuts, fish, shellfish, eggs, dairy).

Signs and Symptoms
The signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis may occur almost immediately after exposure or within the first 20 minutes after exposure. Rapid onset and development of potentially life threatening symptoms are characteristic markers of anaphylaxis.

Allergic symptoms may initially appear mild or moderate but can progress rapidly. The most dangerous allergic reactions involve the respiratory system (breathing) and/or cardiovascular system (heart and blood pressure).

Common Symptoms:

Mild to moderate allergic reaction and/or Severe allergic reaction – ANAPHYLAXIS
• Tingling of the mouth
• Hives, welts or body redness
• Swelling of the face, lips, eyes
• Vomiting, abdominal pain
• Difficulty and/or noisy breathing
• Swelling of the tongue
• Swelling or tightness in the throat
• Difficulty talking or hoarse voice
• Wheeze or persistent cough
• Loss of consciousness and/or collapse
• Pale and floppy (young children)

How common is peanut allergy?

Peanut allergy is the second most common food allergy in children and is on the increase. It occurs in about 1 in 50 children and 1 in 200 adults. Peanut is the most likely food to cause anaphylaxis and death. It has been estimated that there is one death for every 200 episodes of anaphylaxis.

How serious is peanut allergy?

Children who are allergic to peanut and other nuts are at increased risk of anaphylaxis compared with those who are allergic to other foods such as egg and milk. One in 5 children with a food allergy will have a severe reaction requiring emergency medical attention and this is most often triggered by peanut.

How much peanut does it take to cause a reaction?

It’s been calculated that highly sensitised individuals can react to as little as 1/2000th of a single peanut. If there is ongoing exposure, even to small amounts, it can take less and less to cause a reaction as time goes by. This is because repeated exposure boosts the immune response, and the IgE antibody levels rise.

What kind of exposure can lead to severe reactions?

Although most life-threatening reactions are triggered by ingested foods, serious reactions can occur from skin contact, eye contact and inhalation of food particles. In young children, even though the initial contact might be on the hands or arms, the reaction can spread through scratching and rubbing of the face and eyes.

No Hat, Play in the Shade

In the hot summer months remember to encourage your child to protect themselves from the sun by:

  • Always applying sunscreen before they go outside
  • Always wearing a hat and long sleeve/collar top when playing outside
  • Try to stay in the shade during peak UV forecasts
  • Always bring a bottle of water to school to keep hydrated.

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Parking within Cronulla remains difficult at the best of times and the local area surrounding the school is no different. We ask that our school community is mindful of our local residents at drop off and pick up times. Please –

Driving and parking safely near the school

The beginning and end of the school day are busy times for pedestrians and drivers outside schools.

You can help keep children safe by remembering the following:

  • drop your child off and pick them up on the school side of the road
  • never call out to them from across the road – it is very dangerous
  • always take extra care in 40km school zones
  • follow all parking signs – these help keep your child as safe as possible
  • park responsibly even if it means you have to walk further to the school gate
  • never double park – it is illegal and puts children at risk
  • never do a U-turn or a three point turn outside the school as it puts children at risk of harm
  • model safe and considerate pedestrian and driver behaviours to your child
  • always give way to pedestrians particularly when entering and leaving driveways.

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Term 4 Calendar Update

Term 4
Week 1
Mon 15th Oct Students Return
Tues 16th Oct Newsletter
Fri 19th Oct PSSA

Swimming Begins

Week 2
Mon 22nd Oct 2019 Band Auditions
Tues 23rd Oct P&C Meeting @ 7pm
Tues 23rd Oct Stage 2 Excursion
Thurs 25th Oct School Photos
Fri 26th Oct Tell Them from Me Parent Survey closes
Week 3
Sat 3rd Nov Colour Dash
Week 4
Tues 6th Nov Newsletter
Thurs 8th Nov K 2019 Transition Session 1
Week 6
Tues 20th Nov K 2019 Transition Session 2
Tues 20th Nov 6.00pm 2019 Band Information Night
Thurs 22nd Nov White Ribbon Day
Fri 23rd Nov White Ribbon Walk
Week 7
Tues 27th Nov Year 1 Excursion
Week 8
Tues 4th Dec Dec Newsletter

P&C Mtg 7.00pm

Tues 4th Dec Year 6 High School Orientation Day
Thurs 6th Dec Yr 6 Farewell
Fri 7th Dec PSSA finishes
Week 9
Tues 11th Dec Presentation Night
Week 10
Mon 17th Dec Semester 2 reports home
Mon 17th Dec PBL Celebration Session
Tues 18th dec Year 6 Surf Awareness
Tues 18th Dec Carols by the bay
Wed 19th Dec Last day for Students
Thurs 20th Dec Staff Development Day

CPR Training

Last day for Staff

Fri 21st Dec Staff attended 6 hours Additional Professional Learning in Term 3 and Term 4 in lieu.