Newsletter November 2018


November Newsletter 2018

Dear Parents,

Students are very busy with their Term 4 activities and learning is well underway. It is another busy term with lots of special events planned.

A community announcement was emailed to all families regarding the reported cases of whooping cough this term. Further information regarding this is included in this newsletter. Also a local area health warning was disseminated in the media regarding a reported case of measles in the Sutherland Shire.

Last week all staff completed their additional Professional Learning Twilight sessions which have involved 6 hours of professional learning during Term 3 and Term 4. Teachers have completed these sessions in lieu of the Staff development Day held on 21st December. The staff were trained in Writing K-6.

Colour Dash

A very special thank you to Brooke Jones and her team of helpers for the hours of work involved in organising the Colour Dash. It was another highly successful day and also a wonderful community event. It was great to see so many of our students, teachers, families and local community members enter the Dash.

Thank you to all the parents, staff and helpers who assisted on the course, the BBQ and the food stalls.

Thank you also to this year’s sponsors including:

Gold Sponsor: Modus

Silver Sponsors: Flip Out, Family Law Matters, Crust Cronulla

All sponsorship cards for Colour Dash are due by Friday. Winners will be announced next Monday with full details of the amount raised.

The funds raised by the P&C will directly benefit the students and be used for the playground.

An invitation will be sent to parents to participate in a playground committee to generate ideas and organise quotes. More information will be available shortly regarding the committee.









White Ribbon Day

Schools play a pivotal role in breaking the cycle of violence by teaching young people how to recognise and challenge violence against women and build respectful relationships. Breaking the Silence engages the wider school community to promote and role model gender equality and creates a safe, inclusive school culture to stop violence against women.

As Cronulla Public School is a White Ribbon school we will hold a ‘White Day’ on Thursday 22nd November. Students are asked to wear white and bring a gold coin donation with all funds raised being donated to ‘White Ribbon’.

Student representatives will also participate in the community White Ribbon Walk on Friday 23rd November.

2019 BYOD Information Session

BYOD Years 4, 5 and Year 6 2019

On Wednesday 28th November 6pm,

Cronulla Public School will host an information session on BYOD for the parents of children in Years 3, 4 and 5 this year. This evening will explore how technology is being embedded into the classroom as a result of BYOD.

What is BYOD? 

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) refers to students bringing a personally-owned electronic communication device, e.g. laptop to school for the purpose of learning. Cronulla Public School recognises the need to prepare students for a rapidly-changing world where technology plays an increasing role in students’ everyday lives.

In 2019, your child will be invited to bring a suitable learning device such as a laptop to school for learning purposes. We understand that these devices come at a cost. As such, we do not expect all students to arrive at school next year with devices. Students can join the program at any time once a device has been purchased.

This session will cover:

• G Suite for Education

• Parental Access/Involvement

• Teaching Program example

• J B HiFi Portal

• Question and Answer session

2019 Class Planning

As planning for 2019 is already underway, it is very important to ensure you have notified the office of any siblings that will enrol next year or if you are moving.

Remembrance Day Assembly

The Remembrance Day assembly will be held this Friday at 11.00am.

Special thank you to Joyce Kable for her kind donation of the Remembrance Day wreath.

Kindergarten 2019

Parents please ensure you have completed all necessary enrolment documentation for any siblings that are enrolling for 2019. We are looking forward to our first visits for Kindergarten.

Transition session 1Thursday 8th November

Parents and children will meet in the hall at 10am. The children will be escorted to the classroom by Year 6 Buddies and parents will remain in the hall for an information session. There will be morning tea provided at 11.15am.

Transition session 2Tuesday 20th November at 10am.


Get Hooked for Year 3

Year 3 students have the opportunity to participate in NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) Fisheries ‘Get Hooked’ fishing workshops on :

Wednesday 14th November at Gunnamatta Park, Cronulla.

There is no charge to participants as the workshops are fully sponsored by the NSW DPI. All necessary equipment is provided and students are not permitted to bring their own fishing gear.

There are theoretical and practical components within the workshops, which will be delivered by qualified instructors. Extensive safety considerations will be in place and staff attending is trained in emergency care.

The workshop will begin at 9.30am for our students. As a result, students need to be at school by 9am.

Students will walk to and from the park with their teachers Mr Allum and Mr Dean. Students must wear school sports uniform, including enclosed shoes, a sunhat, sunscreen and a jacket (weather dependant). Sunglasses are optional but recommended. Students must bring their own drinking water.

Please complete the permission note which has been sent home and return by Mon 12th November.

Proposed Stage 3 China Trip 2019 Expression of Interest Meeting

For the past 6 years, students at Cronulla Public School have had the opportunity to participate in the Expanding Horizons with Asia – Tasting China Program. This Program has given students an introduction to the Chinese language and culture.

In 2013, 2015 and 2017, Cronulla Public School took groups of students and parents to China on an Education Tour. The tour was a huge success and provided all attending students with unforgettable memories.

T:\Teacher\China trips\China trip 2015\RESIZED\P1030309.JPG

Due to the success of this tour, we would now like to offer 2019 students in Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 the opportunity to take part in this experience. The tour will have a focus on learning and offer a unique experience for all students. The trip will take place in September/October school holidays. Parents are invited to accompany students on the trip.

An expression of interest was emailed to families in week 3.

An information evening will be held 28th November @ 6.45pm after the BYOD meeting.

Please follow the link to register your interest in the trip.

Students of the Month

James B (KO) Mikayla R (1K) Olivia O (1E)
Brax L (1E) Zoe M (1B) Ella G (1E)
Sky K (1B) Addison M (1K) Liliana C (1B)
Aaron S (1E) Manny H (1K) Luke P (2T)
Lachlan W (2T) Van K (3A) Xavier F (3A)
Josh B (3D) Zoe M X 2 (4D) Eyerus H x 2 (4D)
Caylem W (4D) Jarrah B (5/6S) Harmony B (5/6s)
Kobe W (5/6S) Keanu B (1E) Zak L (2g)
Baradyne F (KB) Zoe M (4D) Indiana H (3A)
Byron A (KR) Indy C (2O) Zoe F (2O)
Alyssa A (5/6S) Anna M-S (5/6H) Victoria C (2O)
Anthony B (5/6B) Finn M (2G) Tehya P (3D) X 2
Annabel L (5/6H)

C:\Users\nmunro6\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\OOHWQW8J\trophy[4][1].jpg


Principal Awards

  • Freya C (2G)
  • Aaron S (1E)
  • Djurali F (2O)
  • Zoe M (4D)
  • Tabitha S (3A)
  • Anthony B (5/6B)

100 days reading

1E 1B 1B
Olivia O Ohio P
Brax L Shadon M
Sunny B Indiya N
Daisie W Daniel Z
Kaitlyn H

200 days reading

Lucia Lundberg

Stage 2 Excursion Report

On Tuesday Week 2, Years 3 and 4 attended the ‘Science Space’ exhibition down in Wollongong.

It was a wonderful day filled with lots of scientific discovery and experiments. Students participated in virtual and hands on experience based programs. A particular highlight was when we were exposed to a ‘dried ice’ presentation. Our boys and girls were able to see the effects that it could have on everyday items.

Overall, it was an engaging and knowledge building day that all enjoyed. Stage 2 Teachers


Performing Arts

Band Updates

We had an overwhelming response to our recruitment band instrument trials. The students loved playing all of the instruments and nominating which instrument they’d like to play next year.

Emails have been sent out by Engadine Music with instrument allocations. If you have not received one yet, and you attended the trial day, please contact Liz at Engadine Music.

Date for your calendar! Tuesday 20th November

6pm – 2019 new Training Band information session

7pm – Performing Band Showcase Concert for parents and new training band parents.

We can’t wait for another successful music year in 2019!

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Ukulele Performing Groups

This term, both the junior and senior ukulele groups will combine on a TUESDAY to prepare for the Carols by the Bay.  Monday afternoon ukulele group has now ceased.

P&C Meeting Tues 4th December at 7pm.

White Ribbon

C:\Users\n33856\Desktop\white ribbon.PNG


As Cronulla Public School is a White Ribbon school we will hold a ‘White Day’ on Thursday 22nd November.

Students are asked to:

Wear: white clothes

Bring : gold coin donation

All funds raised being donated to ‘White Ribbon’.

This year we will again be participating in the White Ribbon Walk on November 23rd with students from primary representing our school.

Selective High School 2020 entry procedures

Selective high schools cater for high achieving academically gifted students who may otherwise be without sufficient classmates at their own academic and social level. These schools help gifted and talented students to learn by grouping them with other gifted and talented students, teaching them in specialised ways and providing educational materials at the appropriate level.

Applications for selective high school placement are considered mainly on the basis of the Selective High School Placement Test results and school assessment scores.

The Selective High School Placement Test will be held on Thursday 14 March 2019.

If you would like to have your child considered for Year 7 selective high school entry in 2020, you need to apply on the internet using a valid email address (not the student’s email address).

Detailed instructions on how to apply online will be available from mid-September 2018 at https://

The application website opens at that link on 9 October 2018 and closes on 12 November 2018. You must apply before the closing date.

There are no paper application forms. If you do not have internet access, you could apply at a public library. If you have a disability that prevents you from using a computer, you can contact the Unit for assistance.

You must submit only ONE application for each student.


Term 4 Sport

PSSA Season 3 Sport Updates

Congratulations to all current PSSA Basketball and Cricket members. Excellent sportsmanship is being displayed in all games being played. All teams involved are showing signs of improvement and continue to develop their skills.

The competition will conclude on Friday 7th December, (Term 4 Week 8).

PSSA sports are played on a Friday afternoon.

Basketball is held at either the Sutherland Basketball Stadium or our school court

Cricket is played at various locations around the Sutherland Shire.

Children will leave the school at approximately 11:15am and return by 2:00pm. Travel will be by bus to and from the venue.

NSWPSSA Athletics Championships

Congratulations to Zinzan Pure on his outstanding achievement at the recent NSWPSSA Athletics Championships at Homebush. He was successful in making the final of the 8 years 100m sprint to which he placed 5th overall.                     An outstanding achievement !


Running Club

K-2 Tuesday mornings from 8:30-9:00am

3-6 Wednesday mornings from 8:30 – 9:00am

With the weather warming up please remember to bring a water bottle, hat and a change of clothes for running in.

Year 6 Ice block Sales Day

On Thursday 15th November, Year 6 will be selling ice blocks to help raise funds for their Year 6 Farewell. Ice blocks will be on sale during recess time.

No Hat, Play in the Shade

In the hot summer months remember to encourage your child to protect themselves from the sun by:

  • Always applying sunscreen before they go outside
  • Always wearing a hat and long sleeve/collar top when playing outside
  • Try to stay in the shade during peak UV forecasts
  • Always bring a bottle of water to school to keep hydrated.

For more information visit:


Parking within Cronulla remains difficult at the best of times and the local area surrounding the school is no different. We ask that our school community is mindful of our local residents at drop off and pick up times. Please –

Driving and parking safely near the school

The beginning and end of the school day are busy times for pedestrians and drivers outside schools.

You can help keep children safe by remembering the following:

  • drop your child off and pick them up on the school side of the road
  • never call out to them from across the road – it is very dangerous
  • always take extra care in 40km school zones
  • follow all parking signs – these help keep your child as safe as possible
  • park responsibly even if it means you have to walk further to the school gate
  • never double park – it is illegal and puts children at risk
  • never do a U-turn or a three point turn outside the school as it puts children at risk of harm
  • model safe and considerate pedestrian and driver behaviours to your child
  • always give way to pedestrians particularly when entering and leaving driveways.

Term 4 Calendar Update

Term 4
Week 4
Thur 8th Nov Kindy 2019 Transition Day 1 @10am
Fri 9th Nov PSSA
Fri 9th Nov Remembrance Day Assembly
Week 5
Wed 14th Nov Get Hooked Fishing Year 3
Fri 16th Nov PSSA
Week 6
Tues 20th Nov Kindy 2019 Transition Day 2 @10am

Band info night @ 6pm

Band showcase @ 7pm

Thurs 22nd Nov White Ribbon Day @ C.P.S.
Fri 23rd Nov White Ribbon Day Walk in local area
Fri 23rd Nov PSSA
Week 7
Tues 27th Nov Year 1 Excursion
Wed 28th Nov 2019 BYOD Meeting 6.00pm

Information evening re China 2019 @ 6.45pm

Wed 28th Nov Thank you Helpers Morning Tea

Last scripture lesson

Fri 29th Nov Dance lesson concludes
Week 8
Tues 4th Dec Year 6 HS Orientation Day

2019 Leadership speeches and voting

P&C Meeting @7pm

Thurs 6th Dec Year 6 Farewell
Fri 7th Dec PSSA finishes
Week 9
Tues 11th Dec Presentation Night @ Caringbah HS
Week 10
Mon 17th Dec PBL Celebration Session
Tues 18th Dec Year 6 Surf Awareness

Carols by the bay

Wed 19th Dec Last day for Students
Thurs 20th Dec Staff Development Day

CPR Training

Last day for Staff

Fri 21st Dec Staff attended 6 hours Additional Professional Learning in Term 3 and Term 4 in lieu.

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