Newsletter July 2019


July Newsletter 2019

Dear Parents,

End of Term 2

Another busy term of learning and events is nearing the end with preparation for Term 3 well underway. It has been a pleasure to read the Semester 1 reports which will be sent home this week. Please do not hesitate to contact the office if you would like to arrange a meeting with your child’s teacher for additional follow up. Upgrades to the Burraneer Bay Road school entry are due to be completed during the holidays. Your patience during the building works is appreciated.

Term 3 will also involve our students representing the school at all the Performing Arts events. Please check the calendar to ensure you have your tickets. Further information is included in the newsletter.

External Validation

The external validation process is an important component of a system–wide approach to school excellence. Schools regularly self –assess their improvement efforts using evidence to support their reflections. An external validation panel considers the school’s evidence, providing assurance to the school and the system that the process being made, either through the school plan or as part of their ongoing school focus areas, aligns with the standards articulated in the School Excellence Framework.

Cronulla Public School underwent External Validation on Tuesday 18th June and the school self-assessment was validated as consistent with the evidence presented using the School Excellence Framework.

The school determined next steps in our self -assessment process include:

To continue to review and refine our self -assessment practices across the school. The leadership team, in consultation with staff, students and the community will continue to analyse and evaluate our impact on practice and student outcomes. In doing so the leadership team will share our analysis and response to the findings of our self-assessment processes with the school community. In addition we will continue to develop authentic and valued partnerships with local schools and stakeholders. In refining our self-assessment practices, we hope to develop consistent evaluative practices at all levels of student, teacher, executive and community levels.

Education Day

2019 Education Day Theme: Every Student, Every Voice

Cronulla Public School will be hosting a Breakfast by the Bay and open classrooms on Thursday 8th August to celebrate Education Week and the Book Fair. Breakfast by the Bay will begin at 8:30am and open classrooms at 9:45am. At 10:30am performances by the band, school choirs and ukulele groups will take place in the hall. From 11:00am students from K-2 will perform class items on the outside stage with all items and open classrooms concluding at 11:25am. More information will be provided closer to the date.

All parents, families and friends are invited to join us on:

Thursday 8th August

The OPEN MORNING program will include:

8.00am BOOK FAIR opens – Library

8.30am Breakfast by the Bay – gold coin donation

9.25am Welcome Assembly

9.45am Classrooms open

10.30am Band, Choirs and Ukulele groups perform in hall

11.00am K-2 Class Items –outside stage

3.30pm – 4.30pm BOOK FAIR continues

Book Fair

Cronulla Public School Book Fair will be held in Week 3 on Thursday 8th August. The library will be open Thursday 8th August from 8:00am – 12:00pm and 3:30pm – 4:30pm then again on Friday 9h August from 8:00am – 9:00am. More information will be provided closer to the dates.

Renewal of Tender Notice for OSHC

Notice is given to the school community that the Asset Department is planning the renewal for the Out of School Hours Care Licence Agreement.


A reminder that all absences need to be explained. Unexplained absences will result in an email or letter being sent to justify the absence. Your attention to this on the day of or following an absence is appreciated. A recent technical error with the online absence notification has been rectified. Thank you.

Change of details and circumstances

Please make sure your information is up to date at the office. All change of details including address, phone contacts and emergency contacts must be updated at the office. This information is critical in emergencies.

Kindergarten 2020 Information Evening

Wednesday 14th August 7.00pm

Limited places are available for enrolment for next year. If you have a child enrolling next year, please ensure you have completed your child’s documentation as soon as possible. The parent information night will be held in the school hall. All parents are welcome.

If you have relatives or neighbours who will be coming to Cronulla PS next year, please inform them to contact the office as soon as possible to ensure they have necessary enrolment information.

Kindergarten Enrolments for 2020

Students of the Month

Byron K (1B) Skylar H (1T) Piper A (1B)
Seena L Heidi T (1K) Tyson M (1B)
Daisie W (2G) Henry J (2T) Lorenzo B (2G)
Max F (2H) Hamish W (2G) Zoe M (2H)
Xavier F (3/4h) Zak L (3S) Kash L (3D)
Shadon M-C (2T) Riley M (1T) Ruby G (5M)
Lucy B (6P) Ruby M x 3 (6A) Sebastien F (6A)
Kallen V (IT) Mairi P-C (2H) Lawson F (1B)
Kienan S (3S) Lachlan T (2T) Elise M (5D)
Freya C (3D) Lily H (1K) Van K (3/4H)
Byron A (1T) Nina P (2H) Mannix H (1K)
Amelia A (1B) Denzel C (1B) Kye L (2T)
Zach K (4M) Amelie E (1K) Axel Z (3S)

Principal Awards

  • Solomon B (5M)
  • Charli L (5D)
  • Kash L (3D)
  • Ruby M (6A)
  • Heidi T (1K)
  • Mairi P-C (2H)
  • Abbie M (6P)
  • Charli O (5M)
  • Elena X (3D)
  • Van K (3/4H)
  • Shadon M-C (2T)

K-2 100 nights of reading

William G (KA) Aloise J (KA) Georgia W (KA) Dallas T (KA) Cooper M (KA)
Evie L (KJ) Billy B (KJ) Eden R (KJ) Emelia M (KJ)
Niamh M (KC) Ziggy D (KC) Ashton L (KC)
Ciel K (1K)
Well done

Kindergarten Symbio Report

Last week Kindergarten had an absolute ball at Symbio. A fun day had by all! Thank you to all of the parent helpers who came along to lend a hand.

Year 1

Last week, Year One hit the road on our journey around Australia. They loved making a commemorative coin in Canberra, learning about how to save the Great Barrier Reef and camping and doing dot paintings at Uluru. They finished the day learning Hindi while in India. Well done Year One on a fabulous day!

Year 2 Royal National Park Excursion

On Thursday the 28th of June, Year 2 visited Audley in the Royal National Park. We went to explore Ironbark Flat and participate in a variety of fun games and activities.

We had three staff members from the Royal National Park to help us. Their names were Jill, Julie and Sarah. Jill took us across Varney’s Bridge, a really old landmark from the past. She showed us some Aboriginal artefacts and took us on a mini-bushwalk. We learned that some plants could help us if we had an itchy bite or a rash.

Sarah arranged lots of wonderful games that were played in the past for us. We had lots of fun skipping and playing crochet. One of our favourite games was marbles, even though the geese wouldn’t leave us alone!

Julie taught us about the history of the old buildings around Ironbark Flat. We spent some time learning the dances that may have happened in the Dance Hall. We also got to do some etchings of reliefs that Julie had made of the historical sites around us.

At the end of the day, we were tired but happy to be there. We really enjoyed our time in the Royal National Park. It is a great place that everyone should take the time to visit.

By Asher K and Ella G

Year 3 Aquarium Excursion

On Thursday, 13th June, Year 3 visited Sea Life Sydney Aquarium. The day started with a guided tour of the aquarium. The guides took us to see the penguins, where we learned how they feed their babies and keep warm. We saw the dugongs playing and being fed a yummy snack of lettuce. The students couldn’t believe that dugongs eat up to 80 kilograms of lettuce (or seagrass when in the wild) a day! Students were amazed by the sharks and stingrays as we strolled through the glass tunnels and learned interesting facts about their species. It was a terrific experience seeing these majestic animals up close. Finally, the tour ended with a discussion about the threats to sea animals and how humans impact their habitats. The students really enjoyed the tour because they were able to ask the guides lots of questions about the animals and their habitats. After the tour we rested our legs and ate lunch looking over Darling Harbour. We were then invited back into the Aquarium to look around as we liked. This was a good opportunity to see smaller sea animals such as jellyfish, axolotls, seahorses and starfish. Our visit to Sydney Aquarium tied in well with our current science unit, where we have explored the interdependent relationship between, humans, animals and habitats. It also connected nicely to the work we have been doing in English. Students have been writing persuasive text about the amount of plastic in our oceans. We had a lovely day in the harbour and all students are to be commended on the respectful manner in which they moved around the aquarium and interacted with the guides.

Year 5 Chinese Gardens Report

On the 25th of June Year 5 went to Chinatown for an excursion. I loved Chinatown! It was great and so was our tour guide. First, our tour guide took us for a walk around some Chinese stores. We saw sea cucumbers, lobsters, abalone, fish and pippies. They were really expensive. Later on, we went down a side alley.

On the roof of the entrance, there were mythical creatures and a man riding a chicken! We were told the story of the chicken and man. A few blocks after that we reached the Chinese gardens! We saw fish, water dragons and a turtle! We took lots of photos!

By Emilia 5M

On Tuesday, Year 5 went on a bus to the city. Miss Dwyer, Mr Mckimm and Miss Richards came with us.
Everyone was so excited because we were going to Chinatown and the Chinese Gardens, we were also going to learn a lot about China. On our tour of Chinatown, we learned about Chinese writing and how it was invented. Then we also stopped outside lots of different shops and learned about their history. All the food in the shops smelled so good. After our tour around Chinatown we went to the Chinese Gardens. We went on a treasure hunt for the ancient Chinese book. The Chinese Gardens were beautiful, they had so many different plants and animals.

There were also lots of different shaped rocks that looked like animals. We went into a Temple and played Chinese Whispers. The starting word was ‘The Jade Emperor drinks hot tea and the end result was Chubby Marshmallows’. Finally, we finished our treasure hunt and we found the ancient book. We all read it together and it was about how the Chinese years got their zodiac names. Everyone was a rat or an ox. If you were a rat it meant you were cheeky, smart and intelligent. The ox meant you were loving, kind and generous. As a prize we got to make origami rats. At the end of the excursion, we went back to school on the bus. We had such an awesome day!

Elise 5D


Premier’s Sporting Challenge Sport Leadership Learning to Lead Report

On Tuesday 11th June Cronulla Public School hosted another successful ‘Learning to Lead’ training day involving students from Cronulla, Cronulla South, Burraneer Bay, Kurnell, Taren Point Public Schools and Cronulla High School. The Year 5 students who expressed interest in sport and physical activity in the role of organising, leading or as an official (referee/umpire) were invited to apply. These students were selected on the strength of their application. This is a 2 year commitment. On The day the student participated in sports such as netball, soccer, rugby league, Oztag and basic sports skills. They were taught the skills and taught how to demonstrate these skills to their peers. Many students participated in sports that they had never played before and showed great enthusiasm towards learning these sports. We would like to thank the students and teacher, Miss Barber, from Cronulla High School for organising engaging skill sessions for our students.

At Cronulla Public School our students who participated will now be mentors amongst their peers, leading lunch time games and school sport groups. They have already planned their activities and have begun during lunchtimes this week. All students can choose to be involved in the games or activity. The Leaders will be wearing yellow vests and will announce their activity and location at morning assemblies. The student leaders are:

Year 6- Lily, Harmony, Sebastien, Anthony, Annabel, Ruby, Zoe, Taya Year 5- Zoe M, Zoe B, Saulei, Freya, Sophie, Georgia, Joshua, Solomon

P&C Report

The July P&C meeting was held this afternoon. Thank you to all parents that were able to attend.

Notice is given that the next meeting is on Tuesday 6th August at 2.30pm.

Proposals for the canteen in 2020 and the viability of the canteen providing lunches will be voted on at the August P&C Meeting.

P&C Trivia Night Friday 2nd August

Trivia Night 2019

Come and join us at this year’s Annual Trivia night bigger and better at the new venue, Cronulla RSL!

A fun night out for parents with Trivia, raffles and silent auctions!

Bookings essential so gather a table of 10 friends together or book an individual ticket and you can be seated on a table from your child’s year! Everyone is welcome so bring along your friends and family too!! (Adults only)

Tickets available online through

OR a note will be sent home to book your table!

Early bird tickets available!

Library News

PRC – Books and Bikkies

We had 59 students fill their bellies with yummy bikkies today at our Premier’s Reading Challenge event. These students had already added 15 or more books to their Student Reading Record or have already completed the Challenge. If you want to come to the next PRC event, keep reading and keep adding those books to your record. If you are having trouble logging in or adding books please don’t hesitate to contact me for assistance.

Night @ the Museum

Year 1 attended their own museum on Thursday night. They have been learning about dinosaurs during library lessons and constructed their very own models at home which were on display at the ‘museum’. It was a lot of fun walking around the school in the dark with just our torches and everyone was very impressed with the variety of dinosaur models. Congratulations to Year 1 students and their families for making our Night @ the Museum a success.

Enjoy the school holidays and keep reading!

Miss Kristen Gant

Teacher Librarian

Art News

Operation Art

Recently, 4 student’s artworks were selected for the Operation Art competition. Operation Art is an initiative of The Children’s Hospital at Westmead in association with the NSW Department of Education. Operation Art is the premier state-wide visual arts exhibition for school students from Kindergarten to Year 10.

Cronulla Public School supports this worthwhile program by giving students the opportunity to create artworks in art classes throughout the term. Congratulations Sophie W, Elouise F, Ella P and Zsa Zsa. We look forward to seeing your artworks on display at The Armory Gallery, Homebush later in the year.


Sophie (Left), Elouise (Right)

Ella (Left), ZsaZsa (Right)


K-6 Athletics Carnival Report

Our annual school Athletics Carnival was held on the Wednesday of week 8 (June 19th) and it was a great day of running, jumping and throwing. It was wonderful to see all of our students competing in the true spirit of competition offering each other words of encouragement and congratulating effort. The Zone Athletics team will be announced on Friday at assembly along with the presentation of ribbons for K-6 students. A full list of these results will be printed in our next newsletter.

Sutherland to Surf

In conjunction with the Cronulla PS Running Club it would be wonderful to have a large team attend this year’s Sutherland to Surf.

What is it: It is a timed 11km run or walk from Sutherland to the Wanda Surf Life Saving Club.

When it is: Sunday 21st July, starting from the Sutherland Entertainment Centre at 8:00am

Cost: Early bird entry fees are available, please check the website for costs.

Do I have to be fast: No not at all. You are encouraged to go at whatever pace feels comfortable.

How do I participate: Families will need to register online at the Sutherland to Surf website

When families register, please search for the team name: Cronulla Public School and select Runners Team as our team category.


PSSA Netball

Teams are continuing their good efforts each week. All teams have represented Cronulla Public School with pride and are to be commended on their performance and respect during each game. The season will conclude early next term.

Miss Howlett

PSSA Soccer

Cronulla Public School are coming towards the end of the Cronulla Zone Season 2 Soccer Competition. So far, it has been a rather successful season for all teams involved with all four sides aiming to have a strong final few rounds. We are exceptionally proud of all teams as they have not only improved as individuals but as a team. A number of high quality individual goals have been scored, however, the lead up work to these goals have played an important role in the goal being scored. Most importantly, games are won on defensive efforts and both teams will be looking to continue these performances over the concluding stages of the competitions. The Junior Division 2 Team currently sit third on the table with 17 points, only four points behind the leader. The Senior Division 2 Team are currently placed third on the table with only six points separating them and the leading team. The Junior Division 4 Team are sitting fifth on the ladder, however, five points are separating them and the team currently leading the competition. The Senior Division 4 Team are having a tremendous season and are currently undefeated. Sitting four points clear at the top of the ladder, they will need to keep an eye out on the chasing teams.

With four games remaining in the season, we are very hopeful of having all four teams’ progress to the finals. Regardless of the end results, the players have demonstrated outstanding sportsmanship towards their opponents and referees.

Mr Dean & Mr Mealing

Creative and Performing Arts Updates

Term 3 Performance and Concert Dates


Band Report


Congratulations to all band students who attended Bandfest on Wednesday 26th June. It was a wonderful morning where each band performed a repertoire of 3 songs. They played the best they’ve ever played and should be extremely proud of their efforts.

Not only did they get to perform, but they were also audience members and were able to listen to a number of other schools perform.

The adjudicator commented on how well both bands were progressing in such a short time of learning and playing. The next step is to work on incorporating dynamics.

Performing Band received a Gold certificate and Training Band received a Silver certificate.

Miss Peyton and Miss Barter are very proud of all students on their outstanding behaviour and respect.


Group Costume Updates

Information regarding Term 3 costume requirements have now been sent home. Your attention to these accounts is appreciated.


Senior Choir students have their full day rehearsal on Thursday 22nd August at Sutherland Entertainment Centre. Students are required to be at school by 7:45am and should return to school by 3:25pm. The evening concert will be held on Friday 23rd August and begin promptly at 7pm. All performers should be at the Sutherland Entertainment Centre by 6:20pm, in the area designated by the stage managers at the dress rehearsal.

The Environmental Team

This term Cronulla Public School students teamed up together to brain storm ideas on how we can make our school a greener place. The students shared creative ways to help reduce our waste at our school. Using their ideas we have decided to implement Waste Free Wednesdays. Each Wednesday, students are encouraged to bring lunches that have zero waste. This can be through putting foods such as sandwiches, crackers and vegetables in reusable containers and bringing in fruit without additional plastic wrapping. This is a fun way to promote reducing our waste.

We have plenty more ideas on the way so stay tuned! In the meantime if you have any ideas on how we can be more environmentally friendly please fill in the below survey. We would love to hear from you!

2nd Hand Uniforms for Sale

2nd Hand Uniforms call Leanne 0414912601 all sizes summer/ winter good condition from $10.

Uniform donations are now being taken for boy’s long pants, jackets, girl’s winter tunics and shirts. Thank you.

Canteen Updates Term 2

Cronulla Public School Winter 2019 Canteen Prices

ANZAC slice 60c Cereal scoop 40c
Chips $1.50 Custard cup 80c
Frozen Fruit 60c Garlic Bread (one slice) 30c
Hot Chocolate 70c Jatz biscuit (one biscuit) 10c
Just Juice popper $1.50 Twisted yogurt $2.20
Mamee rice sticks 90c Moosies ice block $1.50
Moove milk $2.00 Ovalteenies $1.00
Popcorn 60c Quelch ice block 50c full /25c half
Rice cup 80c Water 300ml 80c
Water 600ml $1.20

Any parent who is able to give some time to volunteer in the canteen would be most appreciated. The more volunteers the better and even casual days are a help. Please leave your details at the office if you able to volunteer time in the canteen.


Term 2
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