Newsletter August 2018


August Newsletter 2018

Dear Parents,

A message from the Executive Director:

2018 Education Day Theme: ‘Today’s schools- creating tomorrow’s world’

Education Week is a time for everyone in our schools – and all those who support our schools – to take a moment to acknowledge and celebrate the impact of public education.
I am incredibly proud of the innovative teaching and learning that occurs in every public school across NSW to ensure that every student can perform to their full potential. We want every child in our schools to be known, valued and cared for.
Education Week from 6 – 10 August provides the opportunity for schools to welcome their community to see firsthand the magic of learning. Our schools organise open classrooms, student performances, grand-friend days and other activities to showcase contemporary education.

Cronulla Public School Education Day Open Morning

Cronulla Public School will be hosting a Breakfast by the Bay and open classrooms on Thursday 9th August to celebrate Education Week and Book Fair.

All parents and families are welcome to visit and join in the activities beginning with Breakfast by the Bay at 8.30am.

The OPEN MORNING program will include:

8.00am BOOK FAIR opens – Library

8.30am Breakfast by the Bay – gold coin donation

9.25am Welcome Assembly

9.45am Classrooms open

10.30am Ukulele groups and Choirs perform in hall

10.45am Band will perform outside

11.00am K-2 Class Items –outside stage

We are looking forward to celebrating this special day with our families and friends.


Survey results for proposed change to School start and Finish times.

At the end of Term 3 the school community was surveyed regarding the proposal to change the start and finishing times for the school.

The results of the survey clearly indicated that parents were happy with the present start and finish times and did not want a change.

As a result the school hours will remain the same in 2019.

A reminder to all families that supervision of students begins at 9.00am and finishes at 3.25pm.

Changes to School Uniform Policy and associated guidelines

The NSW Department of Education has revised the School Uniform Policy and associated guidelines following an extensive review and consultation process, including with the NSW Parents and Citizens Association. The revised School Uniform Policy requirements include that:

  • all students have the opportunity to access the full range of school activities, including physical activities while wearing a school uniform
  • girls must have the option to wear shorts and pants
  • consideration is given to cost and how to assist families, including for schools to inform parents how they can access financial support to purchase school uniform items.

The revised School Uniform Policy and associated guidelines can be found at the link: School Uniform Policy.

As changes are required to the school’s uniform, there will be formal consultation with students, teachers and other staff, parents or carers, and the school community (including the Parents and Citizens’ Association). Parents and carers will be given up to 3 years to comply with any changes.

Our school expects students to wear their uniform during school hours, while travelling to and from school and when engaged in school activities out of school hours.

The P&C will be reviewing the revised School Uniform Policy and associated guidelines at the next P&C meeting.

When all students wear our school uniform their personal safety is enhanced and a sense of belonging to our school community is created. A positive school identity is also promoted in our local community. Please note that all students are expected to wear school uniform every day.

If your child is unable to wear the uniform please notify the school otherwise a reminder slip will be sent home if your child is not in the correct uniform.

For queries contact Cronulla Public School 952359098

P&C Meeting tonight has been cancelled.

Thank you

Last Friday night the P&C held their annual Trivia Night which again highlighted the wonderful school community we have at Cronulla Public School. A very special thank you and acknowledgement of the organisation and work of the P&C team and the fundraising committee to make the evening so successful and enjoyable. A full report is under the P&C section of the newsletter.

Sutherland Shire Music Festival Junior and Senior Concerts

This week the annual Sutherland Shire Music Festival series of concerts begin. Congratulations to all the students who will be representing the school in the choirs, ukulele and dance groups. Over 150 of our students will participate in the concerts. Our choirs and performance groups train all year for these special events and we wish them well for their performances. Each year our students’ art work is also showcased at the Sutherland Entertainment Centre. Don’t forget to go upstairs so you can admire the artworks.

Information regarding the concerts is included in the newsletter.

China Study Program

We are looking forward to welcoming our visitors from Chengdu China on Saturday. The children will participate in a study program at school for one week. Thank you to all the families who are hosting the students during their visit.

Kindergarten 2019 Information Evening

The Kindergarten 2019 Information Evening will be held Wednesday 15th August 7.00pm. Topics to be discussed will include the following:

  • Early Action for Success K-2 program
  • Student Wellbeing
  • Best Start Assessment Information
  • School readiness
  • School pack
  • Questions

Please RSVP to the office or on

Parents please ensure you have completed all necessary enrolment documentation for any siblings that are enrolling for 2019.


Student Awards

The following information regarding student awards was included in the July Newsletter.

Practices to Recognise and Reinforce Student Achievement

  • Weekly assemblies: 2 / 3 awards emphasising our core values of Safety, Respect and Learning are acknowledged.
  • Super Surfer Awards: Students displaying sensible behaviour in all settings are rewarded with a Super Surfer Ticket which goes into a weekly draw for prizes provided by CPS and P&C.
  • Term Celebration: At the end of each term students will participate in an end of term celebration session.
  • Terms 1 and 3 Principal Commendation Letters
  • Annual Presentation Assembly: Awards given for outstanding citizenship, consistency, academic excellence, improvement, sport, etc.


All class awards will count towards a Student of the Week award.

These awards are handed out at weekly assembly.

  • K-6  2/3 Awards aligned to PBL Framework. Teachers are to give 1 safety, 1 respect, 1 learning award at school assembly.
    • Number of weekly awards distributed will be commensurate with class size.
      • Classes with 20 or less students will be awarded 2 awards per week
      • Classes with more than 20 students will receive 3 awards weekly.
  • 3 Awards (This can include any of the following safety, respect, learning)  = 1 Student Of The Week Award
  • 3 Student Of The Week Awards = 1 Principal Award
  • 3 Principal Awards = Merit trophy presented at Presentation Night

Note : Separate class certificates do not count towards a Student of the Week e.g. Super Surfer Awards, Art Awards.

Creative and Performing Arts Awards

Semester 2 sees the introduction of a new school merit award. The ‘Creative and Performing Arts’ Award will be given out in Music and Art classes each week to one worthy recipient. This award is a stand-alone award with no ties to the current merit award system. It simply acknowledges students who participate enthusiastically in class by trying to do their best. Students may start to collect these awards over the year and display them at home. We look forward to handing these awards out to the CPS students from term 3 on. Mrs Yates and Mrs Hackfath would like to thank the wonderful and creative design skills of Nathan, Jayne and Willow Johnson who designed and printed these certificates. Thank you.

D.Yates and J.Hackfath


Students of the Month

  • Alice A (KB)
  • Colin M (1E)
  • Emersen L (5/6B)
  • Kosta A (KO)
  • Shadon M-C (1B)
  • Mia B (3A)
  • Sonny B (KJ)
  • Joshua H (1B)
  • Lachlan H (3D)
  • Charlotte S (KJ)
  • Dylan R (2O)
  • Luis D (3A)
  • Baze W (KC)
  • Maria LR (2O)
  • Charli L (3R)
  • Scarlett M (1K)
  • Victoria C (2O)
  • Rimu O (4D)
  • Bronti T-B (1K)
  • Sunny M (2T)
  • Tyla S (4P)
  • Mya I (1K)
  • Vivienne B (2T)
  • Tyson B (5/6H)
  • Sophie H (1K)
  • Kash L (2T)
  • Abigail M (5/6S)
  • Katie G (5/6S) X 2
  • Maeve H (5/6S)
  • Kirra M (5/6H)

Principal Awards

  • Maeve H (5/6S)
  • Sunny M (2T)
  • Colin M (1E)
  • Luis D (3A)

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P&C Report

Technology Raffle results

Congratulations to all the prize winners. Prizes were drawn on 5th July.

Prize Winner Prize Winner
1st Charlie and Piper R 15th Sheila Carey
2nd Elizabeth Gadallah 16th Lorraine Wilson
3rd Amer Birro 17th Jo Williamson
4th Megan Sheridan 18th Rumi O
5th Desley Voight 19th Bowie L
6th Nerida Woodrow 20th Chris Scarra
7th Sue Ross 21st Jen Lemke
8th Ben Lenzo 22nd Denise Paul
9th Mat Cassidy 23rd Dave Ward
10th Lorenzo B 24th Renee Watson
11th Xavier F 25th Margaret Lowe
12th Charlie and Piper R 26th James Bourne
13th Zak P 27th Denise Paul
14th Simon Earle 28th Mairi P
Trivia Night 2018!
Thank you to all of the teachers, parents, family and friends that came along and made the Trivia night a fantastic fun night out!!
To our major sponsor The Learning Centre Cronulla thank you for kindly supporting our school.
I would like to thank Jodie Cutbush-Smith ,Graham Smith, Sarah Meagher, Renee Lisle Watson and Cathy Murphy a great team that helped make it all happen.
And to our Trivia Master Paul Golland, one of our Grandparents from CPS, for keeping us thinking!
A very big thank you to Discount Party World Taren Point for once again donating the beautiful balloons!
Thank you to Kim from Cronulla Florist for supplying the flowers at a super cheap price!
And to all those that generously donated prizes for the raffle. All prizes were from local businesses and families from our school who are always willing to help out, please shop local!
We’ll see you all next year!

Public Speaking Competition

Each class will participate in the school Public Speaking Competition. Grade competitions will be held in the next few weeks culminating in the school Public Speaking Competition on Wednesday 29th August. Invitations to attend will be sent home for all finalists.

Date: Wednesday 29th

Session 1 – Stage 2

Session 2 – Stage 3

Session 3 – Stage 1 and Kindergarten


Creative and Performing Arts Updates

Performing Arts

Term 3 is always a busy term for our performing arts groups. Below is an overview of the upcoming dates and the groups that are involved.

Concert Date Groups
Dance Extravaganza Friday 10th August Monday Junior Girls dance group

Thursday Junior Girls dance group

Boys Hip Hop Dance group

Sutherland Shire Music Festival Senior Full Day rehearsal Monday 13th August Senior Girls Dance group

Senior Ukulele group

Senior Choir

Sutherland Shire Music Festival Senior Concert Tuesday 14th August
Sutherland Shire Music Festival Junior Full Day rehearsal Friday 17th August Junior Choir

Junior Ukulele group

Sutherland Shire Music Festival Junior Concert Monday 20th August
Kurrunulla Dance Festival Tuesday 4th Sept Monday Junior Girls dance group

Thursday Junior Girls dance group

Boys Hip Hop Dance group

Senior Girls Dance group

Year 2 Dance group

Night of Stars whole school rehearsal Monday 10th Sept Whole School
Night of Stars Tuesday 11th Sept Whole School including the following groups

Junior and Senior Choirs

All dance groups

Junior and Senior Ukulele groups


Dancesport Wednesday 12th September Dancesport students

Kurrunulla Dance Festival Tickets

Ticket information was sent home yesterday. Please note the concert date is Tuesday 4th September. Tickets for the performance night are now on sale online at :

Night of Stars

Cronulla Public School’s annual ‘Night of Stars’ performance night will take place on

Tuesday 11th September at Caringbah High School.

The night will begin at 6:30pm with tickets priced at $5. All students will be involved in at least 1 item on the night. More information will be available closer to the date.

Kindergarten Excursion

100 Days of Kindergarten

On Tuesday 31st August, Kindergarten celebrated their 100th day of school at Gunnamatta Park. Students participated in a game of musical statues, followed by cupcakes and free time on the beach and in the park. We were very lucky to have some of our parents there to help us celebrate this huge milestone. The cupcakes were a hit with many messy faces afterwards.

Book Fair

The Cronulla Public School Book Fair will be open on Thursday 9th August between 8:00-12:15pm and 3:00 – 4:00pm and again on Friday 10th August between 8:00 – 9:00am.


  • Maths- Tuesday, 14 August, 2018

Home Reading

Congratulations 100 Days of reading students!

  • Ruby I
  • Mairi P
  • Brax L
  • Lucia L
  • Keani D
  • Indianna K
  • Luna N-R
  • Byron A
  • Joseph GC
  • Lily H
  • Lawson M
  • Mannix H

Premier’s Spelling Bee

Congratulations to the following students on their achievement in the Premier’s Spelling Bee Stage Finals. The first two students from both the Junior and Senior competitions will progress onto Regional Finals held at Grays Point Public School on Friday 7th September. Well done!


2nd – Ella M

3rd – Luis D​


1st – Grace T

2nd – Peppah B

3rd – Isaac D​

Friendly Finn’s Birthday

Finn is our Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) mascot. He is a very friendly Dolphin who represents the school values of Safety, Respect and Learning.

In very exciting news, Finn is about to turn one year old and being such a valued member of our community we would like to celebrate his birthday with a mufti day and a sausage sizzle lunch.

Students are asked to wear our Safety, Respect and Learning colours of Yellow, Blue and Green and bring a donation on the day. All donations will be forwarded to support the Rural Aid Charity for the farmers.

A note will be sent home with your child regarding the day and with the lunch order form.

We are looking forward to celebrating Finn’s birthday on Friday 24th August.

Friendly Finn’s Farmer Fundraiser

To support the Farmers who are suffering in the drought, all donations for Friendly Finn’s birthday will go to the Rural  Aid Charity. Students may make a donation in cash on Finn’s birthday or further donations may be made directly to the website via the link:

Finn’s Birthday Colouring Competition K-4

To celebrate our school mascot Finn turning one, K-4 students have the opportunity to participate in a colouring competition. Students are to colour in the attached page in any way they desire; the more creative the better!

Completed images are to be returned to their class teachers by Tuesday 21st August.

A winner for each grade will be announced during Finn’s birthday celebrations on Friday 24th August.

Finn’s Birthday Invitation Competition Yrs 5 and 6

To celebrate our school mascot Finn turning one, Stage 3 students have the opportunity to participate in an invitation design competition.

Students are to design an invitation for Finn’s birthday celebration day for 2019. Students’ invitations will have to include the following aspects:

  • Designed using a digital medium e.g. Microsoft Word, Google Doc, Canva
  • A4 in size
  • Include a title and blank area on the invitation to include next year’s date

Completed invitations are to be shared with students’ class teacher by Tuesday 21st August.

The winner will be announced during Finn’s birthday celebrations on Friday 24th August and their invitation will be used next year.

Good luck!

Wellbeing Team

T:\Teacher\NEWSLETTERS\Newsletters 2018\August\untitled.png

Father’s Day Breakfast and Kite Building Competition

All Fathers, Grandfathers and their children are welcome to join us for a special event to celebrate Father’s Day on Friday 31st August from 8.00am. Breakfast by the Bay will be served followed by a Kite building competition for all the Fathers and children from 8.30am.

An invitation will be sent home. Please RSVP on the following link

by the due date on the invitation so that enough kite kits can be preordered for the event. Thankyou.

Stewart House Collection 22nd August

All donation bags are due back to school by Wed 22nd August. Thank you.

Interrelate Evening Stages 2 & 3

Interrelate Family Sessions will be held on Wednesday, 29th August 2018.

Parents and their children are encouraged to attend these very important sessions. All topics are dealt with in a very family friendly manner and are always highly engaging.

The following information details the topics that each session will address.

Session 1 

Where Did I Come From?

Time: 6:00pm

Audience: Years 3 – 6 students and their parents/carers

Sessions: 1 x 60-minute session

Program focus: 

• Discuss the male and female reproductive systems, foetal development and the birth process

• Personal safety and protective behaviours

Session 2 

Preparing for Puberty

Time: 7:15pm

Audience: Year 5 and 6 students and their parents/carers

Sessions:  1 x 60-minute session

Program focus:

    • Discuss the physical changes of puberty, emphasising that it can be different for everyone
    • Develop students’ understanding of periods and sperm production, as well as the
    • physical, emotional, social and intellectual changes associated with puberty for both
    • boys and girls
    • Enhance awareness of children’s personal safety and protective behaviours

Stage 3 Camp

A four day excursion to Canberra and the Snowy Mountains has been organised for Stage 3 students from Monday 17th to Thursday 20th September 2018.  Students will depart at 6.30am on Monday and arrive back at school at approx. 7.00pm on Thursday.

Payment instalments

– Second Payment Due By:    Term 3        Week 3        9 August    $150

– Final Payment Due By:        Term 3        Week 7        6 September    $150

An information sessions will the place in Wednesday 29th August from 6:30pm.


Cronulla PS Athletics Carnival Results

Congratulations to all students who participated in the Cronulla PS Athletics Carnival last term. The enthusiasm, skill and sportsmanship displayed was outstanding. House points were awarded to all students who participated in events at the carnival and additional points were awarded to place getters.

Final House Point Results:

1st – Gunnamatta (224 points)

2nd – Shelly (219 points)

3rd – Elouera (195 points)

4th – Wanda (179 points)

Students selected in the zone team will represent our school at the Zone Athletics Carnival on Friday 10th and/or Thursday 16th August. Permission notes were sent home last week and are due back to school as soon as possible.

Good luck to all students representing Cronulla PS at the Zone Athletics Carnival.

NSWPSSA Basketball State Knockout

The NSWPSSA State Knockout Team continued their winning ways by defeating Canley Heights Public School 46-25. Cronulla started the game with a high intensity approach on the defensive end that resulted in early turnovers and low percentage shots. Sam capitalised on these shots with some tough rebounds and quick thinking.

The team jumped to an early 10-0 lead before Canley Heights called a timeout to stop the scoring run. Cronulla went to the first break with a lead of 15 after a number of great finishes by Jesse, Kai and Freddie. The second quarter was a much more even affair before Jarrah and Tyson stepped up with some great passes to set their team mates up for a number of scoring opportunities. Both boys were rewarded with scoring shots of their own after putting themselves in perfect positions around the key. In the third quarter Eden controlled the game and made some great passes to Jesse who began to shoot the lights out from beyond the arc. He was well supported by Anthony who utilised his speed to dribble through the opposition.

Heading into the fourth quarter Cronulla extended their lead to 19 and never let their opposition back into the contest.

All players contributed towards the end of the game with some fantastic team work and textbook finishes. The team will be strengthened for their next game with the return of Isaac and Noah.

The boys have been giving up two lunch times a week to train and Mr Dean couldn’t be more proud of their efforts. On behalf of the team, Mr Dean would like to thank all of the family members who attended the game to cheer us on.

PSSA Season 2 & 3

Season 2 of PSSA sport finishes on Friday 3rd August. Finals will take place on Friday 17th, teams that are successful in making it to the finals will be notified as soon as results are confirmed.

Looking forward towards Season 3, the following sports will be offered to students;

– Junior and Senior Cricket

– Junior and Senior Basketball

PSSA Update


Congratulations to both the Junior and Senior PSSA Soccer teams on reaching the finals.

Finals will take place on Friday 17th at Kareela Soccer Fields.

Juniors kick off time is 12:00pm

Seniors kick off time is 12:40pm

A short presentation will follow at the conclusion of each game.


Congratulations to the Junior A’s and Senior A’s Netball teams on reaching the finals.

Finals will take place on Friday 17th at Bellingara Netball Courts.

Junior A’s start time is 1:00pm

Senior A’s start time is 12:00pm

Well done to all the players and keep up the good work.

Premier’s Sporting Challenge

On Wednesday the 1st of August, we were lucky enough to have former Olympic swimmer Craig Stevens come to our school as part of Premier’s Sporting Challenge. Craig is an ambassador for the 2018 challenge and gave a presentation to our students about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and participating in regular exercise as well as team sports. Craig touched on the importance of goal setting and being determined and motivated to achieve those goals. The students were very appreciative of Craig giving up his time to come and speak. We encourage our students to try at least one new fruit or vegetable and also try a new sport they have not played before during our 10 week Premier’s Sporting Challenge.

Running Club News

This year Running Club is proudly sponsored by:

  • MacDonald Contracting
  • McGrath Real Estate – Murray Cole
  • Earth, Stone and Water’
  • Pave N Save
  • M.E.Engineering
  • Southern OT – Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation
  • Runnulla
  • Harvey Norman – Moore Park
  • Alan J. McKimm and Associates

We thank them so much for their support of Running Club in 2018.

Sutherland to Surf

Congratulations to the following students and staff members who completed the 11km Sutherland to Surf on Sunday 22nd July:


  • Addison and Zoe M
  • Elise M
  • Krystal and Perrin B
  • Georgia G
  • Hayden and Poppy
  • Hayden O
  • Isla L
  • Lockie T
  • Lachlan Ta
  • Reef S-P
  • Sophie W
  • Tane Re
  • Tyler R
  • Van W


  • Mr McKimm
  • Mr Hughes
  • Mrs Crook
  • Ms Richards
  • Ms Cropp
  • Ms Jackson
  • Ms Howlett
  • Ms Evans

In the Supagas – Runners Team Challenge, the Cronulla Public School team placed 16th out of 117 teams and Tyler R in the 6-9 male age category placed 6th out 117 runners.

It was an outstanding effort by all and something that you should feel very proud as having accomplished.

Sharks 10 Community Fun Run

The Sharks 10 Community Fun Run is back again this year and will be held on Sunday 7th October. This is the second Sunday of the school holidays and offers 3km and 10km events. The 3km provides the opportunity for our school to compete for the Primary Schools trophy. Further information will be available closer to the event.

Second Hand Uniforms for Sale

2nd Hand Uniforms call Leanne 0414912601 all sizes summer/ winter good condition from $5 to $10

Calendar Update

Term 3
Week 3
Tues 7th Aug P &C Meeting Cancelled


Tues 7th Aug K Creature Feature Incursion
Thu 9th Aug Education Day

Breakfast by the Bay

Book Fair

Fri 10th Aug Cronulla Zone Athletics Day 1
Fri 10th Aug Dance Extravaganza
Sat 11th Aug Chinese Study visitors arrive
Week 4
Mon 13th Aug Senior Music Festival full day rehearsal
Tues 14th Aug Senior Music Festival Evening Concert
Tues 14th Aug ICAS Maths
Wed 15th Aug Kinder 2019 Information Evening
Thurs 16th Aug Cronulla Zone Athletics Day 2
Fri 17th Aug Junior Music Festival full day rehearsal

PSSA Junior and Senior Soccer Finals  from 12.00pm

PSSA Junior and Senior Netball Finals from 12.00pm

Sat 18th Aug Chinese Study visitors leave
Week 5
Mon 20th Aug Junior Music Festival Evening Concert
Fri 24th Aug Friendly Finn’s Birthday Celebration and Farmer Fundraiser
Week 6
Wed 29th Aug Interrelate Family Sessions from 6pm
Fri 31st Aug Father’s Day Breakfast by the Bay and Kite building Competition
Week 7
Tues 4th Sept Kurrunulla Dance Festival
Tues 4th Sept P &C Meeting


Wed 5th Sept Book Parade Day
Week 8
Mon 10th Sept Night of Stars Rehearsal
Tues 11th Sept Night of Stars Evening Performance
Wed 12th Sept Dance Sport Competition Homebush
Thurs 13th Sept Kinder Camping experience
Week 9
Mon 17th – Thurs 20th Sept Stage 3 Camp
Week 10
Mon 24th Sept Kinder Symbio Excursion
Wed 26th Sept K-4 Disco 4pm – 7pm
Fri 28th Sept Last Day Term 3